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Community/solo project idea

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So I have had this idea for a while now, its nothing original but basically builds off past concepts. The same time every week I stream for 2 hours and make a map, this would go for 32 weeks. Anyone can join in and hopefully after that time we will see multiple new megawads in the mix. Or at the very least be a learning experience for myself and others. The two things holding me back being I have absolutely zero experience in streaming and im not a big fan of having everyone hijack the stream with conversations that arent relevant, as has done so often in the past.


If other people wanted to join there are no rules, you can work on your maps anytime however much you like, its more about everyone sharing ideas and learning from eachother on a shared platform.


Is there are ideas, feedback or advice that you would have please let me know, id love to make this happen.

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