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Massive community project

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Hello walkers from hell, I hope you are well. Lately I have been playing the wad of Eternal Doom since they are one of my favorites, when I went on the map lacked to a church I came up with the idea of creating a project like that of eternal doom again, all that took me to you, I propose create a megawad like that of eternal doom, but that is compatible with Brutal doom or project brutality, you say, who wants to know more about the subject comment.

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So, Brutal Eternal Doom?


Hey, why not creating a community mapset inside a cult place like churches, temples or something else?

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16 hours ago, Walter confetti said:

Entonces, ¿Brutal Eternal Doom?


Oye, ¿por qué no crear un mapa de comunidad dentro de un lugar de culto como iglesias, templos u otra cosa?


yes, I was thinking about it, putting up stained glass windows, a bit of sacred art, you know things like that

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