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Fricassee (2 vanilla Doom II maps) Now on /idgames!

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Had to google what it was named after, and yeah, now I'm hungry.


Very interesting maps, the second one got me with that


spectre-cyber demon

I liked the minimal monster usage, made for a very different experience from most modern maps. Feels almost like something from the late 90s.


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Fun and deadly pair of maps. I like the use of minimal monsters. The map layouts were enclosed, but leaves enough space for the player to maneuver freely. Seeing the first enemy in my FDAs was a great use of lighting and it was cool. Freaking skeletons, man.

I recorded five demos: two for map01, three for map02. I recorded the FDAs and "fric1-shoot" with Chocolate Doom. Map02-wins were recorded with PRBoom+ -complevel 2. The graphical glitches in the platforming section was kind of distracting in Chocolate so I made the switch to PRBoom for that section. I didn't bother UV-maxing map02 because of that "Thing" and platforming section. It's too hardcore for me.






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this looks fantastic! the cloudy blue sky does so much for the theme even just from the screenshots

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