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Can't get GZDoom to work on mac

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So I'm visiting the folks for about a week and all I have access to is this old macbook. I've tried using GZDoom but it's saying that it can't find the IWAD despite doom2.wad being right there in the folder. I honestly hate the mac OS so much, I have no idea how it works and it seems like total garbage, can anyone help me out here?





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Well have you tried moving doom2.wad to ~/Library/Application Support/gzdoom/ ?

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That directory doesn't exist as far as I can tell and I can't find this gzdoom.ini file. The only files that I downloaded are what you can see in the screenshot. I'll admit I have a very limited understanding of what's going on here so it is possible I'm making a very basic mistake.


The licenses folder contains only txt files.

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OK so I've worked it out, I had to create a gzdoom folder in the application support folder which I only found after googling how to find it since it wasn't showing up when I sifted through all my folders. I'm never complaining about windows OS again!

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