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Am I the only one that doesn't like crushers?

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2 hours ago, Doomkid said:

Not necessarily about UV elitism, but I have definitely seen a shitload of general skill elitism in Doom's community. It's not the norm around here, especially for the last few years, but I have distinct memories of players saying that any difficulty under UV is "bullshit not worth acknowledging" and that players under that skill level essentially shouldn't have their feedback taken seriously. It's been a while since I've seen that kind of talk though

Well here's the thing though, and you may not like this, but, because of what you just pointed out, I absolutely have to say it...


There are some pretty darn good reasons for not taking the feedback of certain folks seriously, and it's not so much about "skill level elitism", but more about particular pet-peeves some people wear pretty much on their sleeves. For the sake of the argument I'll provide an example or two:


There's this one dude who has a serious issue with how mappers nowadays use revenants. He gets floored so often that he actually wrote himself a mod that makes all rev rockets non-homing. Everybody who's been around long enough can probably make a good guess who I'm talking about anyway... So let's say that dude came across one of my maps (and my maps usually aren't the most welcoming for less experienced players), and started ranting about how I'm not using doom's roster correctly, how the fights are bullshit, not enough health, not enough anything but too many monsters and "oh my god those archviles, and that fucking platforming"... All the stuff that comes out of people's mouths when a rocket goes up their butt...


Do you think I'd take any of that feedback into account, let alone make changes to the map? Of course not, because not only is the delivery of said feedback questionable, the respective person decided long ago not to improve their play any further, and instead resorted to "blanket nerfing" basically every modern WAD out there, from the higher difficulty maps in skillsaw's megaWADs to SunLust etc. All of that in spite of difficulty settings, mind. So, if the goal I had was to make something that is more difficult than your average map (which is a goal I usually have, because want to enjoy what I create), why would I listen to somebody like that? To be able to cater to people who aren't even part of the target audience in the first place? Certainly not.



Then there's this other person, who occasionally shows up in threads made by new mappers, and attempts to give feedback of some sort, and this particular case is a pretty clear cut one. You can already tell, from the way things are phrased by said member, when there's a scorched sphincter behind the keyboard, looking to unload its frustration into a thread, and disguise it by way of mixing it up with "helpful suggestions", basically a feedback/frustration-salami. Of course I wouldn't listen to anything that person has to say about the difficulty of my maps, and I wouldn't hesitate a second to tell them that they're not the target audience of whatever it was that I put together.



I could give more examples of stuff I have seen, but I think it's pretty clear that once you know where people are coming from, their feedback pretty much puts itself into perspective quite alright. The funny thing here is, though, that when you point out that said people are ill-equipped to handle a certain map, or that new mappers can make their first maps as difficult as they want to, you're the one who's being framed as the elitist, or "skill level elitist" in some capacity I suppose.

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