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Pistol Starts

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as long as you're not quicksaving, the game will always start you over at the beginning of the level with just a pistol when you die.

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Doom just does this normally. The only time it doesn't is if you're using GZDoom or some other ZDoom related port, which autosaves at the beginning of a level and it auto loads the last save instead of pistol starting.

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The cross-compatible way to do this is with a death exit. Basically, kill the player, but have them complete the level (such us by killing a bossbrain also). Since the player is dead, when they start the next level, it will start them with the default loadout. Every fifth level of Scythe 2 has a death exit of some kind, if you wanna see how to do it in different ways, but lots of megawads do this, and you can even use DEHACKED to make the bossbrain end the level as soon as it dies. Perhaps the most straightforward way is to have the player telefrag a bunch of barrels in a room with a bossbrain. This will kill both the player and the bossbrain instantly.

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