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[Release] Gimmicky Challenge Maps (5 UMAPINFO maps)

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Download Gimmicky Challenge Maps (/idgames link - requires prboom-plus v2.5.1.7um or, to avoid the inability to select episodes, the latest version of GZDoom)


As I mentioned before, I was working on a 30-map megaWAD of challenge maps. Long story short, I've stopped that idea at 14 finished maps and a bonus "cut" map. 10 of the proper maps have found new homes, such as the recently-released Lost Temple.


I've used UMAPINFO to make each map an individually playable episode, with graphics telling you what the map name and challenge are. A quick rundown:

MAP01: Beatdown - tyson map. If you played the "Phobus Challenge Maps" 7-map demo many years ago, this was MAP01 then, too. It's also the first map in Persephone Volume 2


MAP04: Lure of the Grave - 1-hour speed map. Was MAP04 in the demo mentioned above, and also featured in 1-hour Speedmapping 2018


MAP07: TENacity - 10 sector challenge map. Was MAP07 in the demo - obviously inspired by the original megawad. Here's a screenshot:



MAP08: Manc Hunt - 1 monster type map. This one is a new release, as far as I can tell, although I made it in 2017 (as opposed to the others, which are all 2014 IIRC). Unlike the others, this actually needs UMAPINFO to be beatable. Here's a screenshot:



MAP31: Chokehold - 512x512 playable area. This was in the 7-map demo as MAP03, but I cut it from the main running for a better take on the challenge that has since gone to this year's Christmas DBP. Look forward to that!



If you're using the prboom+ version linked above, there's a bug that means you skip the episode-selection screen, but you can IDCLEV to the numbers given above to get to each map, and the UMAPINFO definitions other work as expected. GZDoom works flawlessly here, but the maps aren't intended for jumping and crouching. You can mouselook all you like, though - I do! Difficulty settings are implemented, and these maps are a bit more difficult than some more recent works you may have played by me... Partially down to their gimmicks.


As for the 8 maps not accounted for here - they're in Doom II: 25 Years on Earth, getting tweaked to better suit that level of difficulty. I'm aiming for a release by the end of this year, with only 6 maps left to finish. Fingers crossed!

Edited by Phobus : Updated download link to /idgames

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