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Summer Deep

Couple Of Questions About "Community Chest 4"

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I've just finished this wad, and am a bit puzzled by the ending. After the predictable handful of failed attempts at defeating the Icon Of Sin, I finally got a rocket into the slot, and a few seconds later the game concluded with the usual explosion followed by the end screen and credits.


I was expecting to have to score three direct hits, so played through the section again using degreelesness mode, and this time two successful shots were needed. Then replayed the section a final time under normal conditions, and once again the game ended after just one direct hit.


Is this a bug, or is this just the way the game is set up? By the way, I was playing on UV difficulty, using GLBoom+ on the 'Default' compatibility setting, if that's relevant. Never fully understood those settings - is that 'Complevel 9'?


I did look at at the posts from when the DWmegawad Club played this wad, but no mentions of this issue.


Also puzzled by the comments in the text file to the effect that one of the wad's levels requires a death exit. I played in continuous, weapon carryover format, and am pretty sure I didn't have to start any level (except the first, of course) from a pistol start.

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The Doom 2 convention of the Icon of Sin requiring three rockets to vanquish is a result of placement: the Romero head thing, which is the actual prop destroyed, is situated in a pit below the brain opening such that only splash damage connects, and from a distance at that, dealing less than full (128) splash damage with each rocket.


The head has 250 HP, so it can be killed by a single rocket that connects directly, with favorable RNG. The highest two of eight dice rolls will deal 140 and 160 direct damage, and you'll add a flat 128 damage from splash. In other cases, two rockets are required. 


The Community Chest 4 setup allows direct impact. 

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