Hi there, Doomers and Doomerettes. It's me, Gerardo194... first of all sorry for my shitty English, today i came up with a crazy, maybe shitty theory about what we could see in Doom Eternal's plot upon talking and analyzing about the whole Doom plot with my youngest brother... This mustn't be taken seriously... it's just a crazy idea I had...    As we all know in Doom 2016's plot. It focused on the Doom Slayer making his way out of Mars and Hell itself. If we pay attention, we will realize in Doom 2016, the story is almost repeating the Doom 1's structure as follows: Doom: Travelling through the infested bases of Phobos and facing the Barons of Hell in Phobos Anomaly (this base is source where demons came out, in Phobos of course). Making your way out of the lost Deimos moon base, battling the Cyberdemon in Tower of Babel. Descending and escaping Hell itself to face the Spider Mastermind that caused the invasion of the two Mars's moons, in Dis. Doom 2016: Travelling through the infested Mars bases and reaching the source of the Demon invasion, the Argent Tower. Going to Hell and back, finding your surroundings destroyed, your next mission is going to Lazarus labs where you will face the Cyberdemon. Going back to Hell again to recover the Crucible and find Olivia Pierce in The Well, she's the Mastermind of Mars invasion. Her Dark Lords gave her the Power of the Spider Mastermind. As we just read, we realize the story is repeating again in Doom 2016... what's next??? What could we see in Doom Eternal??? Here I share my theory... I'm sure I will be totally wrong when the game releases.   Doom 2 In Doom Eternal: Id software has alredy showed an actual Hell on Earth to us in Doom Eternal and we all could be right about who will be the final boss, yes. In my theory, we won't see anything about Starport's structures, (maybe references about it, who knows) everything is going to be centered in UAC's plans but we could see some Doom 2's story in it, for example: survivors to this Hell on Earth where Doom Slayer is going to make a big effort to keep them alive killing the demons released by the cultist UAC or, opposing to a "Judgement Day" where demons and angels will punish mankind. We all want to see our favorite demon wall again, right?? We all want the Icon of Sin as the final boss. "The power held within the Crucible will punish man-born and demon kin alike. I will crush the divide. It will corrupt all realms. It will create the monster. It must never be found." To me, this prophecy speaks about the Crucible will be the tool to melt all realms in one and thus create the monster. That monster is: The Icon of Sin. Why do I think this?? Well, you can find buildings and structures in Doom 2's Hell. Hell merging with Earth, just like Deimos.   Doom 3 in Doom Eternal: Ancient Martian Civilization?? Sabaoth?? What else? Yes, Doom Eternal gameplay trailers have showed us many things... Even Quake 2's Big Gun... When the Doom Slayer make use of the BFG 10000 to open a tremendous hole over Mars surface, it could be revealed that there was a civilization on Mars extinct millenia ago. Could it refer to that Argent D'Nur was located in Mars and was absorbed after Hell's victory??? That could be a yes. Do you guys remember when Hugo said the Doom hunter was Doom Slayer's Arch Enemy??? Where the Hell Doom Slayer met this guy called Doom Hunter?? Is the Doom Slayer responsible for Doom Hunter mechanic parts??? What I hope to see in Doom Eternal is: a mad scientist like Schabbs, Deathshead or Betruger... I doubt it.   Doom 1 in Doom Eternal: Why? what are you referring to, Gerardo194?? There have been many Doom members out there who have been very smart... Let's see: Doom Slayer is going to Phobos!! Not just that, you are going back to Phobos for the third time!!! It could mean we will see Doom 1 locations in the game: Phobos and possibly Deimos... Do you remember when the Sentinel Homeworld was shown for the very first time and there was a big red thing in the sky?? Is that Mars?? Some say yes... due to you can see Valles Marineris there, upside down if I recall correctly. It could mean Sentinel Homeworld is located in Deimos but maybe in another realm, not ours. We also have a Tower of Babel in the game too.   Doom 64 in Doom Eternal: Yes, Doomguy went back to Phobos in Doom 64, and story was repeating again... what's next Phobos?? Deimos floating above Hell but this Deimos was totally corrupted, it looked like an arcane world, He descended to Hell again to stop the demons for once and for all but the Mother of all Demons was waiting for him. She wasn's a match for him, Doomguy killed her and decided to saty in Hell to avoid the demons rise again... That was the end... Contained forever in Hell. This was what Hell wanted since Doom 1, contain you in itself.  In Doom Eternal we could see Doom 64's plot in it: going to Phobos, opening the gateway in Mars core, going to the "Arcane world" the Sentinel homeworld that could be located in Deimos but in another realm... and Khan Maykr could be the new leader of the demons, possibly a fallen angel for its/her sins (some people say Khan Maykr is female and they couldn't be wrong...hmmm...) "Yet even the Doom Slayer revels in the spoils of his war, another shall rise from the fires: a dark priest consumed by the Crucible. And even the Doom Slayer shall weep in his shadow." Could it be Khan Maykr that dark priest consumed by the Crucible?? I had a crazy vision: If Doom 64 plot could be present in Doom Eternal, she will become in the Mother-Demon and will be the key for the Icon of Sin. Other smart Doom members have compared these guys to the Demon Keys from Doom 64. When I saw that comparison, instantly I knew they were right... Just look at their colors... That's not all... Two of these guys reminds me to other two guys I know: From the KJV Bilble: the purple one reminds me to Aaron holding a sphere or censer, not sure; the blue one reminds me to Moses holding his staff; the read one, hmmm not sure, is the Crucible bearer. My head is about to explode... Wanna hear your theories :)