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Let's Play Doom (letsplay.wad)

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4 minutes ago, Mk7_Centipede said:

no idea what this is.



Linguica has done it again, giving us a mod that we didn't know we needed but probably secretly wanted without knowing it... as far as I can tell it only replaces the HUD



Hay guise welcomE to another Let's Play so we're playing DOom 2 and we're on the level called Tenmints (this level sponsored by MENTOS btw lol)


Be sure to Like Comment an subScribe if you liek this click on the bell




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If it's not apparent, then maybe a second Chocolate Doom screenshot will clear things up. Again, this is straight out of Chocolate Doom.



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5 minutes ago, andrewj said:

A version with animated face (I left out the TXT file though)....



Oh my god, I had no idea offsets worked in status bar patches like that. That is amazing.

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I was back from the hospital and found this when I log into dw.


2020 started early for me :D

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