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Doom 2016 Playstation 4 Mission 7 error message

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I have a problem playing Doom 2016-18 on PS4.  This is the second time I have had the problem.  The first time occurred about halfway through playing Mission 7.  I was playing Doom 2016 until the screen froze and I got a message: An error has occurred in the following application. CE-34878-0.   As instructed,  I checked in two ways to make sure I had received all updates.  The indications I received showed that I had all updates.  The problem persisted. Working  with Playstation, I did a database rebuild, and that did not solve the problem.   Playstation customer support suggested that I delete and reinstall the application.  The problem remained.  I continued to try until the system said that the disc was corrupted.  I purchased a new edition, Doom 2016-18.  I started the game anew and now, having nearly completed Mission 7, the problem has occurred again, with the screen freezing and the same message.  I  keep the power cord for the PS4 connected at all times, so the disc should not be corrupted. I have removed the disc to examine it, and it does not show any damage.  At this point I am trying another database rebuild.  If that does not work, PlayStation tells me that I should get a USB flashdrive to save my game progress and the do a PS4 system reiinstallation to see if that works.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?  

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Is your PS4 well ventilated? DOOM (2016) makes the PS4 sound like it's going to take off sometimes when that fan really kicks in so it needs room to breath , make sure there's nothing blocking the vents and absolutely nothing sitting on top of it. You do have your PS4 lay flat and not on its side too right?. Also give the vents of the PS4 a clean and a blow out as they collect quite a bit of dust. 

This is the first thing I'd be checking ,  Though having the same problem persist and re-occur on the same mission is a little odd. 

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