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fps, making it faster

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Delete your DoomConfig.cfg, run the game so it builds another one, then open the file with wordpad and tweak those setting and remember to restart the engine with vid_restart when you make the changes:

Change to 1 to enable 0 to disable;

com_drawfps = 1 Draws Fps counter
com_maxfps = 125 (any number) Limits Fps
com_drawhud = 0 Enables drawing of heads up display, disabling should help improve fps a little bit

Adjust those three next according to how much memory you got:
com_preloadDemos = 0
r_varmegs = 92
s_cacheSize = 16

Those 4 next are the ones that make Doom3 juicy, so don't disable them unless you have serious performance problems and you wanna experience the game with all the visuals tuned down:

r_diffuse = 0 Enables diffuse mapping (Disable for speed, enable for quality)
r_skipBump = 1 I guess that disables bump mapping when on
r_specular = 0 Enables specular mapping (Disable for speed, enable for quality)
r_useStandardGL = 0 Disables bump mapping and maybe more

The next 4 ones are about your hardware and drivers:

r_useParhelia = 0 Enable if you got a matrox parhelia graphics card
r_useNV20 = 1 Enable if you got a Gf3-Gf4Ti graphics card
r_useNV30 = 0 You wouldn't need instructions for that
r_useGL2 = 0 Don't enable it unless you got beta drivers with OpenGL2 support

r_mode = 2 Changes the resolution( 1=400x300, 2=512x384, 3=640x480, 4=800x600, 5=1024x768, 6=1152x864, 7=1280x1024)

r_depthbits = 16 or 24 Changes z-buffer bits (you should be able to lower it to 16bits on Gf3 and above even if r_colorbits = 32)

r_stencilbits = 0 or 8 Changes stencil buffer bits (setting it to 0 should disable stencil shadows, not so sure if the game would still work)

r_colorbits = 16 Changes colorbits, lower it to 16 if you got Gf-Gf2mx-Gf2gts..

r_ext_compress_textures = 1 Enables texture compressing, enable it unless you have a 128mb graphics card (Enable for speed, disable for quality)

r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic = 0 Enables anisotropic filtering (Disable for speed, enable for quality)

r_fullscreen = 1 Enables fullscreen

image_filter = GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST Changes texture filtering methode (change to GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST for better performance, default is GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR and improves quality)

r_shadows 0 Shadows on/off (Disable for speed, enable for quality)

r_useOptimizedShadows = 1
r_useExternalShadows = 1
image_usePrecompressedTextures "1"
image_useAllFormats "1"
image_compressBump "1"
image_compressSpecular "1"
image_compressDiffuse "1"
image_preload "1"
image_depth "2"
image_colorMipLevels "0"
image_anisotropy "0"

Those cvars could also help with your performance

I'm stuck on dial-up so i haven't try those setting yet, gimme some feedback about them.

Ýf you screw up somehow, you can always delete your DoomConfig.cfg and let the game build another one.

e3_demo3 "activate_demo3"
e3_demo2 "activate_demo2"
e3_demo1 "activate_demo1"
e3_intro "e3\intro"

hk "monster_demon_hellknight"
lost "monster_demon_lostsoul"
mag "monster_demon_maggot"
mancubus "monster_demon_mancubus"
sentry1 "monster_sentry1"
zsec2 "monster_zombie_security2"
zsec "monster_zombie_security"
bruiser "monster_demon_bruiser"
zct "monster_zombie_commando"
zcc "monster_zombie_commando_cgun"
rev "monster_demon_revenant"
zmaint "monster_zombie_maint"
zfat2 "monster_zombie_fat2"
zfat "monster_zombie_fat"
imp "monster_demon_imp"
pinky "monster_demon_pinky"

enjoy the game with faster FPS, (got this from a site)

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A few edits...

r_UseStandardGL probably disables the use of OpenGL extensions. It might not disable anything - it might just slow the game down to fucking hell and back. Don't enable it.

Nobody here can enable UseGL2. Period. The only cards on the market right now which can use it are the WildcatVP line of cards from 3dLabs. And if you're thinking about getting one of those to prove me wrong, well...you're about damn pitiful if you're going to spend THAT much money on a video card, much less doing it to prove me wrong.

Obviously the same goes for UseNV30.

You might also try messing around with the UseGLLighting parameter. I believe it enables and dislables T&L hardware. But I've gotten some very strange results with it.

For some reason, setting g_showgun to 0 drops my framerate by about half. Wha?

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yah they are bugs as we speak, but you can easily counter that by surfing around and finding the tweaks. Some people's fps can go as high as 40-50, thanks to this tweak where u have to redo the config file.

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doomedout said:

r_varmegs = 92
s_cacheSize = 16

What sizes should I set those to in relation to memory? 3/4 my RAM? (I remember something similar in Q3... think that was hunkmegs tho)

And has ANYONE seen the player shadow working in this release as it was in the leaked video?

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Katarhyne said:

r_UseStandardGL probably disables the use of OpenGL extensions. It might not disable anything - it might just slow the game down to fucking hell and back. Don't enable it.

Actually, it makes it faster, and disables DOT3 bumpmapping.

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Yah, there is another tweak regarding level changing, i got to figure that one out as well. It disables the sound somewhat but it makes the transition form level to level more smooth.

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someone make up a nice config and paste it in here, so I dont have to actually attempt to make my own, since I'm too lazy to deal with it now.

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Is the mancubus in the folder somewhere? Maybe u can rename those files to like, HellKnight. And the mancubus might appear instead of a HellKnight ingame?

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No, I don't think it is, quite a few monsters are listed, but when you try and load them, it crashes back to the console.

There is an option for the loading screen, I've seen it in one of the activate demo.cfg's. It disables the loading screen, I can't remember what it was though.

Airmichael: I'm pretty sure that will not work. I had a look through the folders and there is no mancubus model. which would explain why D3 crashes to the console when you try to load it, and other absent monsters.

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Apparently from PC Gamer, the mancubus has been modeled(to a certain extent)... and she has quite the rack :) hah

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