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So yeah I don't know how best to introduce this, I would have made the title of the thread a bit more descriptive but I feared doing so might chase off people rather than interest them. So hopefully if you are taking the time to read this, well, I've had a long ambition to be a writer. Real life is always a bitch though. In the last year or so, I decided to try and focus on just getting one thing done, and that thing should be something different from the main original story I've been procrastinating and overthinking for years on. 


So it's a fanfiction project. Don't close, please, let me finish. I used to be quite disdainful of the concept myself, until I realised really, how much great fiction, published, money making fiction is fanfiction. And thats no great revelation I just needed something to knock me out of my single minded viewpoint on the subject. That was the Hannibal TV series. I watched it after watching the movies (haven't actually read Thomas Harris' books, maybe something I should do one day) and I liked the series. I particularly like how it took the material from by far the weakest of the movies and made it work much better. And of course this is an adaptation of an adaptation, each time with different perspectives and methods introduced. It made me realise you know what, I've obsessed over this anime series for 18 years now, because I loved what it did and tried to do. It wasn't perfect, but it had ideas that made such an impression on me. So why not adapt the whole series into a novel, and give my own take on all those ideas? 


So the series in question is Devilman Lady, from 1998. - Look in here if you just want an idea of what it is. 



I kinda love this trailer, cheesy voice over and all. 



It's an adaptation of the manga of the same name, by Go Nagai. That manga itself was a sequel/variant on Devilman, which is one of the all time classic mangas. Big fan of the franchise, netflix did a series recent which I thought was a mixed bag but it did at least bring some relevancy back to this long dormant property. But the reason I like the 1998 anime series so much is the style it chose to adopt, which is very gothic, and also its story which diverges completely from the manga. 


So essentially the aim of this project is to adapt the 26 episodes into a 26 chapter novel in which ideas are taken not just from the series but also the manga and also Devilman. It's a tribute to the franchise as a whole. Where possible I task myself with being different where I can, where I believe new ideas or directions fit. It's also my intention that absolutely no prior knowledge of the source is needed to enjoy any of it.  So far I've uploaded first drafts of the first 7 chapters.




If you read and note any strange mistakes that don't seem like typos, I should note I write the bulk of the drafts using voice dictation. That also tends to have an effect on sentence structure which I do need to go over to improve/fix.  It does result in some usually funny errors. And the drafts are kind of full of them, I will be uploading edited drafts. And I know, this is a seriously obscure, niche series that no one here probably knows. But as I said, don't worry about that, if you're curious, read away. If this makes you want to check out the series, or anything related to it, also go and do that, Devilman is just awesome, more badass than Hellboy and Spawn and I like those too. 





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I always thought i was a rare guy because i write the things that I imagined, but I see that there are others who also do


I understand your feeling, it is difficult to be totally creative and totally innovate, but I tell you since some writers started doing fanfiction of other books, so it really seems good to me to do this, if I have time I will take a look at your story and read it


Now, I said that I also write my stories that I imagine, I currently have like 600 pages written on paper, these combine many video game universes yeah like fanfiction, but they are totally original how the plot happens and original characters, like how they know each other, and what happens to them, things like that, although I rarely shared my story with other people


and I take it as a hobby, just for fun I do it and because I like to do it, and if that really happens also with you, you can probably also be a writer, I wish you luck with your project and if you are looking for some advice to write i am here :P

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Well, I want to update to say that I'm still working on the project, I think I've put up 1, possibly 2 more chapters since making my original post, and well, I got about 80% of chapter 9 done before a discussion with someone led me to scrap most of what I had to do something else with it. I'm looking forward to putting the new take together though, as its a really cool idea. I have been more productive as of late and so I will probably try and update this thread more often. 


@Gaia74 - if you have had any time to look at it I definitely would be interested in any thoughts you have about it 

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I might as well bump this, I actually have made a fair amount of progress lately. I have finished the first draft of the third arc of chapters, and thus I'm at the halfway point of this Devilman Lady adaptation project.


I feel I've learned a lot and the recent material has been stronger. Also I didn't really get into the fact I do have other things in mind. I prefer to focus on one project at a time, but the rest I plan to work on are original works. I am looking forward to getting to them, I think even with quite a bit to go with this project (it's not been a short one) but I hope to really progress on it this year. 




It has occurred to me that given I generally feel there is adult content in the story and I've categorised it as such, the need for a DA account to read any of this could be an issue. If anyone is interested, just DM me, I could send you it. 



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