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Fancy DOOM (Phase I)

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Fancy DOOM (yes, i'm calling it that) is a port of Smooth DOOM for 3DGE (aka EDGE), with a few creative liberties (permission granted). The mod will be split up into two phases:


Phase I - A more or less direct translation of Smooth DOOM for 3DGE, with some improvements to sprites, animation and behaviour. Also features changes to how dynamic lighting is handled and some minor tweaks to enemy AI. Comes bundled with Perkristian's HD sound effects. Despite its obivous new coat of paint, it is still very vanilla. Some enemies may seem to move or fire faster, but they don't really.


Phase II - Phase I but with tons of visual effects on top of it along with ambience sound effects and other cool stuff. Nothing too extreme or balance-breaking, though. No new weapons or enemies or anything like that. Just an extension of the foundation of what makes DOOM... DOOM.


Phase I: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3omqsqc71dgqfvg/fancy_p1.epk/file
Phase II: when it's done


Get your copy of 3DGE here: https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/3dge/




Gifty (Smooth DOOM)


Permanoob (cacodemon death sprites)
JoeyTD (pistol edits)
OSJClatchford (decoration variants)
SidDoyle (gib sprites)
Chickenlegz (pinky gib sprites)
Cory Whittle (barrel idle sprites)
Sergeant Mark IV (original proof-of-concept)
Blue Shadow (sprite resources for weapons)
Perkristian (original smooth weapons & HD sound effects)
Blox (plasmagun edits)
Vader (resources for monsters)
Minigunner (resources for monsters, weapons)
Z86 (resources for weapons)
Uboa (resources for weapons)
NeuralStunner (resources for weapons)
Marphy Black (resources for monsters)
Espi (alternative Archvile flames)

And let us not forget the good guys over at id software,
without whom this would never have been possible and the
video game landscape would have been very different today.


Edited by CeeJay

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I wasn't pleased with the animation of either of the shotguns, so I redid them. The shotgun didn't match up with the cocking sound and the super shotgun was too jittery and didn't line up with the originals rate of fire. I carefully and painstakingly calculated this for both of the shotguns to the very last tic, they should now both be 100% accurate. Please re-download.

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