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What is your favourite DOOM mod or wad?

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I don’t know about favourite, but Dwango5 has probably stolen more collective hours of my life than any other wad.


Favorite mod? Really hard to say. Lots of good ones. I feel like Immoral Conduct wowed me the most at first sight compared to any other mod, standards were different back then. I still think it has some of the best balance and the pistols/shotguns are still some of the most satisfying I’ve used.



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Picking a favorite Mega wad for me is impossible. People keep posting cool stuff, but I really like Hell Revealed 2


But for mods... No doubt D4T and Brutal doom are my favorites.

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My favorite megawad is probably Ancient Aliens. Great gameplay, great vistas, great everything.


As for mode... well, Hideous Destruction is the only one I make addons for and run megawads with, so it would have to be that.


Sadly, my favorite mapset and mod don't go along great, although I'm certain I could beat ancient aliens with HD if someone proves that map28 is possible. I've already beaten the first two "episodes" with HD.

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La Tailor Girl hands down. Rather than being a simple gun replacement mod, this thing comes with one HUGE twist. Different armours. Not only does each outfit have various ways of approaching a situation but Daina, Sewie (I think the pun was intentional >w>) and Nari all have various gameplay elements unique to them. Daina is able to consume food and drink items to boost her base HP or to make her shoot really fast, Sewie has the rare ability to make your ear drums bleed intensely and can also kick away outfits and Nari AKA robutt is stupidly OP when you use the scissor blade with her. XD

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In no particular order:

  • Final Doomer
  • Hideous Destructor
  • Iron Snail
  • D4T and D4V
  • Doom Roguelike Arsenal
  • Legendoom
  • Nashgore (the end all be all of gore mods in my humble opinion)
  • ContraDoom

As for maps, map packs and megawads:

  • Eviternity
  • Back to Saturn X ep.1
  • Alfonzone
  • Hellbound
  • Earth
  • Epic
  • Going Down
  • Doomcity
  • Mayan Mishap
  • UAC Ultra

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I don't know if I can mention them all


Here is the list

Armageddon 1an 2

Zero invasion

Futur war

Chaos from hell invasion

Boss battles

Aeons of death all versions

Insanity doom

Hard doom


Swan fox 1 2

Hell legacy

Weapon mods



For mappacks is

Journey to hell

Hell revealed 1 2

Herian 2

Kama sutra

Doomer borads projects







Timothy browns levels




Pretty much I can't think of anything else 


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Probably ones like the cybie.wad/Doomguy's Pimp Ventures series, Gamarra's Soul Series, older Terry wads 2008-2013, WhatDaFuck. That kind are the only pwads who i seem to have any good memories of nowadays..

Edited by doomsucksass

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For mods it would be Smooth Doom and Final Doomer.

For wads it would be Plutonia 2 and Jenesis. I'm yet to finish Eviternity, but I already like it a lot.

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just off the top of my head, in no particular order





Aliens TC by Justin Fisher


Return to Phobos

The Unholy Trinity



Barney Doom lol




Star Wars mod for Doom 2

50 Shades of Graytall


Alien Vendetta


Ray Mohawk's Manic Monday


Swim with the Whales

Epic 2

Adventures of Square

Maskim Xul







Elastic Collisions are Fatal

that one that replaces everything with screaming Doomguy


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Smooth Doom has become a stable on almost all of my playthroughs. Aeons of Death v4 used to be my guilty pleasure for a while, I still got a modified copy of it in case I want to point at different sprites and see cool shit happen.


As for wads, Deus Vult II was the first wad to truly amaze me what you could achieve in Doom. The first few levels give a really comfy wibe while still being fast paced action. I also really enjoyed Valiant, Mutiny, BTSX and Reverie. There is just something about these wads that makes me want to wrap up in blanket, have a cup of coffee and sink an entire friday night on them.

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