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What are some good Wads that fit perfectly with Gameplay Mods?

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Two that comes to mind are:

-Final Doomer Weapons on their maps

-The First chapter of Extermination Day with Lambda (Half-life 1 Weapons)

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Final Doomer with Plutonia weapons in Plutonia 2.

Seems like an obvious choice, but you would be surprised on how awesome this combo is.

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14 hours ago, xvertigox said:

Obligatory Epic 2 + WW Nazis

I wanted to say that too. Also Lunatic. Wad too since the newer wolf titles had moon levels too



Russian overkill - every map with 500+ monster count

Trailblazer: i think it goes well with Kama Sutra


Also brutal doom goes nice with more traditional doom map like d2twid

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Doom 64 Maps

Survival Horror Doom

Dark Doom (not the monsters)

Ai Director



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