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Baron Pampa

Resolution issues

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After solving the compilation issues, I'm happily using the Eternity engine. There is a minor weird issues I have noticed today, though.
I'm playing Eternity on a potato laptop with 1280x800 native resolution. I wanted to lower Eternity resolution to improve performance on some maps. While performance is improved, different 16:10 resolutions bring different results:
- 320x200: ratio's of things are correct, but there are black vertical bars on both sides of the screen

- 640x400: image is stretched horizontally

- 960x600, 1200x800: no black bars, correct proportions.

I've checked the proportions by comparing them with those of Chocolate doom, it's especially easy to spot on weapons and Doomguy's face on the status bar.
Is this behaviour intended for reasons I don't know, or have I stumbled upon a bug?

I'm using AUR eternity-engine-git on Arch Linux, with P8600 CPU and GMA 4500MHD GPU, 1200x800 native resolution.


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320x200 and 640x400 are meant to be stretched vertically on 4:3 screens (1024x768 in my case). On widescreen monitor/display you need those black bars to have proper picture in resolutions not supported by your monitor/display.

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But why is this behaviour so different for different resolutions with the same aspect ratio? Why are 320x200 and 640x400 meant to be streched? Why 640x400 is stretched horizontally instead of having black bars, and why are higher resolutions just normal?

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14 minutes ago, Baron Pampa said:

Why are 320x200 and 640x400 meant to be streched?

For this reason


Though if you get horizontal stretching with one of them, it's definitely a bug.

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