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hurricane hoatzine


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it my first doom 2 map 



i rename it to in eternal1.4



new map 6 update 


i change some maps

here some muisc to go with it



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Please read this: 

Anyway, this is a GZDoom map (there's technically two but that looks like an unfinished map) since there's flats being used as walls, stealth monsters, marines, etc. It's a typical and fairly plain first map since it's full of simple squares for the most part. The layout was extremely confusing, as most of the time I had no clue how to progress through most of MAP01. Shooting a random wall at one point of the map that's not even marked can be pretty infuriating to other players who play your maps. As a map author, you have to realize that players don't have half a clue on how to play your map. They don't know where every secret is and what every linedef can do. 


The other thing is the monsters just kinda seem thrown in there apart from the Cyberdemon, and maybe the arch-vile. Also, I can't seem to find where the exit is. Is this map beatable? This feels like one of these maps that should just be on your harddrive, not released. It should have been taken as a personal, private learning experience. Purely because it's hard to come up with any useful critiques and information that hasn't been repeated a thousand times someplace else on the forum. There's nothing really much else to say to give a more personal review. I'm sorry if I come off as harsh, but keep on mapping, I can't wait to see you improve!

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Ok sorry i did not explain my level 

the end or the level is the icon of sin texture end the map,that a reference to sigil 

I do think about how other people think

The least one was more confusion and impossible 

So i redone it

Yes it beatable to 100 percent 

It hard to set secrets up. I have 1 secrets but i do not know how to set it up and to teleportal

I trying to be more comparablewith mod like brutal doom or d4d 

Think you


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I really like the archvile placement, kinda like a wizard on top of a tower thats shooting spells at you. Very interesting.

Otherwise, theres not enough ammo to kill all the enemys in the level without cheats or punching people. Also, its not good (in my opinion) to set the spawn to where you can immediately get shot, and there was no ending on the 2nd level.


But i played it in vanilla GZdoom, so maybe it depends.

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It's definitely not that bad for a first wad.

Despite the fact that there are some very obvious flaws for example map2 being unfinished (or at least i think it is) and map1 being quite confusing, You should definitely keep on mapping and i'm sure somewhere down the road you will make some absolutely amazing wads!

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You're on your way :) As a next step, perhaps try experimenting with height variation more - the maps here resemble Rise of the Triad maps with tall walls and open skies, which is an unusual but interesting kind of style. Also play through some other people's WADs to get ideas for how to design encounters, set up obstacles and generally make maps interesting.

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in map01 do not shoot the vile unless he is active. makes baron and hell infight by making hit the barrel

infight is the key of the first level or map.

I working on map02 47% done. doing it my spare time


and i forget beware of trap everwhere


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Just as expected, in MAP02, your exit line had its arg set to 1, so set it to 0. Anyway, as for why its size is so bloated, you have duplicate maps contained in a wad in the wad, somehow. And it contains extremely high quality music in FLAC format. If you can't figure out how to fix it, I could privately message you with a cleaned up, fixed version but please try to fix it yourself so you get more experience with Doom mapping and wad management. As for your updated maps I've played them again and I see a definite improvement. Keep it up!

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