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Some honest talk about Doom's OFFICIAL mobile ports.

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Eventually after racking enough Google Play points to get both the games, i just kinda gave both a try and in my opinion, ehh, it's alright for a mobile port. I noticed that it uses the BFG Edition wad the moment I noticed the pill signs on the medikits, but nothing too much out of the ordinary. This was exactly what Bethesda intended to do. Only if they could fix the controls of this game.


I was intimidated, yet amused by the trailer they put out for the port. It's also a good idea to just rip and tear instead of social interaction (because it's dangerous), but the only thing that makes me put my phone down and never play it again is the god awful controls. Look camera works fine with sensitivity options, movement works okayish, but the fire button's got issues. Double tap to auto fire? *Double taps* it does nothing. That's the only literal reason why I absolutely hated their official ports (excluding the DRM).



Should have stuck to Delta Touch. Goddammit.

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The Switch version of Doom and Doom 2 are getting DLC!  They're porting Final and Sigil, and going 60fps, plus some QoL improvements.  Maybe the Android port will get those as well.


But, whatever they do it still will never beat Delta Touch.

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