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Games of the Decade

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It's December the 10th, wich means it's Doom's 26th birthday, but also the decade is ending! It's only appropriate for we all start to throw around lists of our favorite games that came out during these 10 last years, maybe with a small description of what makes them great, cacowards style.


Be it the most influential, worst games, coolest, or just personal favorites.


A little top 5 to start things of:

Dark Souls: A really unique experience, the atmosphere and lore are flawless! same can't be said for some areas though

Monster Hunter World: As someone who loves grinding for gear and upgrading it, i've sank too many hours into this one. The latest game of the series includes a ton of quality of life features that just makes this awesome world accessible for a whole bunch of new players.

Hollow Knight: best metroidvania ever, fight me.

Wolfenstein: The New Order: Of the shooter games to came out on these recent years, this was the one i enjoyed the most. Really balanced overall, good story, satisfying combat. The Old Blood is also awesome. Did not like Wolfenstein 2 so much, though.

Minecraft: yeah i know, but it can't be left out. Used to play it a lot from 2012-2015



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Universal Paperclips was listed in Polygon's decade list and I agree. A deceptively simple idle game that unfolds into many more layers as you progress.


The only non-Doom games I've put any serious time into this decade are

The Binding of Isaac




Other idle games and mobile games I spent a lot of time on

Cookie Clicker

Realm Grinder

Pokemon Go

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I made this same thread not too long ago. Undertale is easily my favorite game of the decade. Portal 2, Strider, Papers, Please and Crimzon Clover are probably my runners up.  


I like Cookie Clicker also. :)

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11 minutes ago, DuckReconMajor said:

Universal Paperclips was listed in Polygon's decade list and I agree. A deceptively simple idle game that unfolds into many more layers as you progress.

Yeah i tried this out and totally agree! I got to a point where it was just too scary for me and i quit, lol


8 minutes ago, Ajora said:

I made this same thread not too long ago.

I saw it but was afraid to poke at it since it's been some months! I figured a new thread would be good since a few games have come out since then. Undertale would also belong somewhere in my top 20, or top 10 maybe.

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It's been a weird decade for me, kinda falling out of love with games then rediscovering my appreciation for simplicity, which I kind of think would show in the ones I'd name.


Fire pro Wrestling World - or you know, the only good wrestling game to come out since Fire Pro Returns which was back in 2005. And it's a comeback I thought we'd never see. Also was cool that they formed a relationship with New Japan pro Wrestling because their product has been on fire in recent years. 


Dusk & Amid Evil - These games reinvigorated and reinvented the classic FPS, long may they reign. 


Shadowrun series - picking one I'd pick Dragonfall, I felt these games delivered the most out of the various CRPG throwbacks, and well most of the rest of them were massive disappointments to me. 


Dishonoured - Yeah this was a rock solid update to the Thief formula and one of the only real brightspots in the AAA gaming scene for me. 


Blazing Chrome - maybe its early to declare it a masterpiece but it kind of is. 


Dragons Crown - sublime art, fun gameplay, classic arcade excitement, I loved it. 


Fallout New Vegas - its not one I'd replay but it was very good. 


Primordia - of the classic adventure style games I've played in the last decade, this one really stuck with me in terms of its atmosphere and characters 




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my top five might look something like:


dark souls
rock band 3 (2010, just sneaks in there, giggle. these games are so good and already forgotten. haven't tried #4)

slay the spire

xcom 2?

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Nier: Automata - I like games that make me wonder about the limits of storytelling possible in the medium. All points 10/10.


Phoenix Point - Just released a few days ago but it's head and shoulders above the new Xcom games, probably because it was designed by one of the creators involved in the original 3. A smart update to one of the best games of all time.

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I really don't play any games other than doom that much, but here's my list of favorites this decade:


Cookie Clicker - I didn't think about this game until I read the responses, but hey, if everyone else is putting it on their list too, then why not? I love this game.

Skyrim - My second favorite game of all time. Pure exploration, pure openness, pure freedom.

Yooka-Laylee - One of my favorite games of all time was Banjo-Tooie, and though I know most fans of the Banjo series didn't like this supposed return to form, I enjoyed the hell out of it. I am a sucker for any collect-a-thon game and the big, open worlds and cool move sets you unlocked in this game really got my attention and love. My favorite video game may be Doom, but my favorite video game genre is the platformer.

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In no particular order:


Dark Souls: I could spend all day playing this, three or Bloodbourne. These are so captivating. I have yet to play the second one. In terms of sound design and environment I think these are hard to top.


Resident Evil 7: First game I played with VR. Quite an immersive experience albeit a little linear.


That Batman Arkham armoured edition game for the WII U: As a fan of comics and batman in general, I loved it. The soundtrack was fantastic, too. All in all a very well designed game.


These in particular stood out to me. There are probably a few more but I haven't invested as much time as I have to other games than I have to the aforementioned games.


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holy crap 21 days left in this decade


these are all the games from this decade that I enjoy the most


Wolfenstein TNO, TOB and TNC(haven't played Youngblood yet)



Doom 2016

People Playground





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14 minutes ago, Springy said:

I have yet to play the second one. In terms of sound design and environment I think these are hard to top.


I bought DS2 Scholar of the First Sin this last Steam sale and just finished playing though it all, i gotta say it's a really different style and indeed not on the same level of the other games, but if ds1 is a 9/10, ds2 still a 8/10, really worth to play through it. Except earthen peak, f# that place...

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- Dusk

- Yakuza 0

- Yakuza Kiwami (no doubt I'll enjoy 2 once I get a chance to play it)

- Ion Fury

- Serious Sam 3

- Wolfenstein TNO, TOB

- Ib

- Deus Ex Nihilm (mod)

- Freedom Planet

- Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon


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I must be in a time warp, I thought Minecraft was out since 2007 or so, but apparently it wasn’t out til 2011? Maybe I’m just losing my mind. I thought starting in 2011 meant I was late to the party, turns out I’m an OG fan. Nothing else of the last decade even comes close for me personally, tbh. Easily consumed more of my hours than any other game this side of 2010.


Ill give honorable mentions to Mass Effect 1-3, Skyrim and Doom 4. 

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This decade was terrible for video games in my opinion yay :D Dances

Only the Dank soles were good modern games i liked and that's just sad considering that they are just King's Field and Shadow Tower (and Eternal Ring) with Monster Hunter fighting :D (Behind every :D there is a :'( inside me.)

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A Hat In Time (EXCLUDING seal the deal!!!) - Cute, creative, fun and pecking hilarious. I went out of my way to buy the soundtrack for AHIT, not something I commonly do.


Minecraft - Cubes, Cubes everywhere. The god of sandbox games and for good reason. It's VERY moddable and has one of, if not THE largest modding scenes outside of GMod.


Starbound - Another game with a lot of modding potential, this game is surprisingly addicting and fun. It also got an update recently that finally made the novakids feel like a part of Starbound lore and not just a tacked-on vanilla race.


Skyrim - I've only played this recently and JESUS CHRIST is this game gorgeous! I've quite often had to take breaks from this due to how addicting it is to play! Bonus points for allowing me to choose different ways to approach some quests. Extra points for the lack of invisible walls (for the most part). Wanna jump of a bridge to kill yourself? Go ahead! XD


Dusk - I have to admit, despite the latter half having some rather large duds, I am starting to warm up to Dusk greatly. Every weapon has a purpose to exist and has their strengths and weaknesses.




And since the first post mentioned "worst games", allow me to add DooM 4 Serious Sam 3: BFE. Clips, horrible enemy designs, bland levels, music so generic TFE had more interesting music, boring final boss and to top it all off: A very wonky jumping physics.

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As a broke college student who can't afford the latest hardware for gaming™© I'm rather limited in the scope of what new gen games I actually got to play, but off the top of my head I can say:

  • Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
  • Binding of Isaac Rebirth
  • Minecraft
  • Batman: Arkham City
  • Dark Souls 1
  • Saints Row 3

There's probably a few more I forgot but these here are the ones that left the best impression on me.

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Borderlands 2


Dark Souls

DOOM 2016

Dota 2

Halo: Reach

Kingdom Rush



Orcs Must Die 2


Portal 2

Rainbow Six: Siege



...were some of my most memorable games from the past decade, all for a variety of reasons. Dota 2 definitely saw the most hours from me (over 6000 now); Amnesia completely re-imagined what a horror game should be for me; DOOM 2016 re-ignited my faith in id Software after the surprisingly underwhelming Rage; Kingdom Rush literally became the best tower defense game I'd ever played; CS:GO was my peak of FPS competitive shooting prowess (though I only spent a day as GE and never got back there). I won't go through them all but, it's been a pretty decent decade for me, personally.



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Cookie Clicker

Shovel Knight




There are probably others, but these four are the best I have played this decade.

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Apart from D2016, my top includes:


- Amid Evil.

- Ion Fury.

- Dusk.

- Skyrim.

- Batman Arkham City, Origins, Knight.

- Portal 2.

- Bloodstained.

- Dark Souls.

- Amnesia The Dark Descent.

- Witcher 3.


- Deus Ex.

- Dishonored.

- Hollow Knight.

- The Messenger.

- Mortal Kombat 9.

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doom and doom 2 would easily get number 1, respectively 2 for me, but in terms of non-doom:


1. binding of isaac: rebirth

  the expansions are just great, the chances of doing crazy builds and the variety in characters make the game perfect as is.


2. touhou

  even though i got into it in 2018, i did catch up with the high majority of what i missed. it's also impressive how the mainline games are a one-man effort. side games are also great if fighters are your cup of tea. the mainline games take the term of "bullet hell" to literal sense with each game.


3. risk of rain

  probably one of the few roguelikes that is not isaac and i'd play anytime. each character in the roster makes gameplay intriguing, fun and/or a challenge. the second game was a perfect transition from the 2d sidescrolling roguelike to a 3d open-world(...ish) roguelike. both games are more fun with friends and potentially makes it easier.


4. postal redux

  as much as postal 2 is praised, i like postal 1/redux more. it's just straight up carnage. a challenging one too, but also satisfying.  really reminds me of DOOM.


5. slay the spire

  probably the most challenging card game i've ever played (probably the only one too). the art is amazing, score is amazing, everything just blends. the fact that you can add workshop mods can turn the game into a mess (can be a good one) and also add some fixes or minor changes. it took me a solid 2-3 months to finally beat it on a legit run. the defect best btw


i would've added DUSK in the list but i didn't get to play it

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  • GTA V
  • CS:GO
  • Warframe - I don't play it nearly as much as I used to when I started it but the combat is very satisfying and the story is really cool, still like to come back to it every time they drop a major quest update.
  • The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and its 2 expansions Blood and Wine & Heart of Stone, sank a lot of hours into them, just talking about it makes me want to replay it, love the characters and their relationships in it.
  • Deus Ex Human Revolution
  • Prey (2017) - loved it so much I completed it 3 times.
  • Dishonored - easily on my top 10 this decade, strong city 17 vibes here.
  • Control
  • GRIS
  • Sonic Mania

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3 hours ago, seed said:

Apart from D2016, my top includes:


- Amid Evil.

- Ion Fury.

- Dusk.


You have already played all 3 of these? (would love to see u stream these and hear which u like most)

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My top:


1) Terraria - the best mix of sandbox, adventure and RPG. Colorful, fun and wonderful game. I like it. 

2) Stardew Valley - one of my favourite game about human, that decided to live in country. Good mix of farmer's simulator, RPG, sandbox and sometimes romantic game where you can find a good parther and marry.

3) Shadowrun: Dragonfall - good "Fallout-style" game. Very atmospheric.

4) Undertale - oh, that's my very-very favourite game. Ingenious, colorful, philosophical and incredible. I love all characters from this game. One of my favourite character is Mettaton Ex, good guy with androgynous face and hair. And I love Undyne, she's so cool and so pretty.

5) Deltarune - a sequel of Undertale. It even surpasses the original in something.

6) Cuphead - good 30s style game. Difficult, but very interesting.


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4 hours ago, ReaperAA said:

You have already played all 3 of these? (would love to see u stream these and hear which u like most)


It's based on full let's play's :p . That also applies to other games from the list.

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Since I posted a not at all serious meme in the last thread, I may as well list of some of the games of the past ten years that I've both played and been immensely impressed by:

  • Minecraft
  • Terraria
  • Bioshock Infinite
  • Batman Arkham City
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Skyrim
  • Dishonoured 1 & 2
  • Prey
  • Dusk
  • Amid Evil
  • Ion Maiden
  • Hedon
  • Probably quite a few other games that I can't remember right now

And, of course:




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1 hour ago, seed said:

It's based on full let's play's :p . That also applies to other games from the list.


Are the let's play available on twitch?

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