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Need to find 3d E1M1 flash emulation...

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No, I am not talking about that Painnation thing from a week back.

I recall, about a year or so ago, I saw a 3d emulation of E1M1, done with flash. I'm pretty sure it was in the site news. It had the basic level structure and the doors just moved up and down constantly.

It ran like hell on my older computer. But back then I didn't have access to the powerful machines (probably for CAD purposes) in some of the labs in the local university.

But I can't for the life of me find it. Anyone have any ideas?

Also, has anyone had any trouble running Lars T Boye's DooM II pinball table in Visual Pinball? It used to work fine for me, but now when I try to start a game (after putting in credits), it says there are errors in the code, specifically to do with the bumpers.

The copy I used worked perfectly before. I even redownloaded the table and tried old and new versions of VP, and with different machines, with 98, 98SE and 2K Pro. No luck. On one machine though, it did have issue with a different part of the code. Weird.

The last time I checked, Lars' site wasn't there.

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Are you certain? It said the file ID had changed (understandable, as it has been a couple days), but it lead to the zip file for STRAIN.

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