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Color Me Impressed, Mr. Paddock

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Warning: This review will feature unfiltered opinions on the following topic which may feature negative assessments. If reading these kinds of reviews will cause undue comfort to you or force you to lash out, DO NOT READ.


So, James Paddock, one of the most proliferous music makers of Doom across several known megawads such as Plutionia, Plutonia 2, and Sigil to name a few, has come across my awareness as the one who created the Eviternity tracks for Map 2: Octarine and Map 19: Brutal Schism. Jimmy's use of guitars is especially prominent in these two midi files, which blow me away as I listen to them again and again. His tunes and those developed under his direction have a fast paced, catchy action with plenty of guitar sounds that really come into their own if one uses the Arachno Soundfont. After checking out his credentials and seeing how he also developed the first map's theme for Sigil, I had to give props to this great musical genius of Doom.


Thank you Mr. Paddock, and may you continue to compose for future Doom projects and inspire others.

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