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How to get motivated to make maps?

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Sometimes I have a lot of ideas for doom maps but the motivation never comes.


I already did 2 single-player maps. I never felt like mapping when I did those, literally, I just opened Doom Builder 2, started to do some sectors and add detail for fun but I ended up making maps. 


That method isn't working for me anymore, whenever I make some stuff I look at it and just scrap everything. 


Is there a way to get motivated and interested in your map? I want to do a lot of things and I have the ideas but I don't seem satisfied or motivated to do it.

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Just open Doombuilder and dive on in. I start by speedily making a very rough and basic outline level floor plan with doors and keys laid out already. I then go in and begin texturing and adding basic height differences and details and before you know you have something started. I know it difficult sometimes as an artist to get the gears going but one they do they won't stop, you'll find your way. Maybe even take a break for awhile and wait till you are in the mood. Don't think too far ahead or else you can feel overwhelmed. Just take it bit by bit and you'll come up with something, have fun making the map in the moment.

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Yup, the transition from forming an idea in your mind to building a map in the editor can be quite difficult.


What I would suggest is to make a layout on paper first. Once you see it take shape then the construction of the map in the editor becomes a lot easier and you can proceed to flesh out the map with more detail. Start out with simple maps and as you progress add more advanced features.


Also, a tried and proven method to improving your mapping ability is to open a map you like in the editor and start to dissect it, to see how it was put together. There is a nice example map which tries to outline different approaches to map design.



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