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Walter confetti

Some new maps for Doom for you (Nativity of Hell)

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Thanks for playing it guys!

A better, finalized (eventually final, if you don't find major problems in it, i'll put it into idgames) version of the map is out!

Check the OP for the download!


Fixed the few bugs you find out, difficulty settings implemented, added text and a little deh file for the ports that didn't have MAPINFO support.

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These were really fun to play, i got little confused at the first map since i didn't realize i had opened the way to the red key but that is probably more me not paying attention than actual issue with the map. Good stuff

Here is my gameplay video

There is some very small hissing sounds in some parts of the video but those are most likely compression or my recording software related


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Thanks for the feed goes! I'll check the demos that @PeceMan did when I get to my PC.

Also what port is needed for playing the demos?

Edited by Walter confetti

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Where do you see the xmas theme in this map?

Anyway, fixed out some minor bugs after take a look at the Peceman demos (untiled2.lmp get out of sync with gzdoom 3.7.2, so i didn't know how the things can't work out in that map) and uploading this map to /idgames, yay!

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