All right y'all, time for another year of mentionations and great releases. I for one have just a few inklings about what's on the horizon, and I can already tell next year's going to be nuts. For those unfamiliar with the "nomination" process, here are some tips...   If you play something you find particularly fun, beautiful, clever, or mind blowing... mention it! Post the name and author of a project and a link to its download This thread is merely a place to mention outstanding works of Doom. Keep conversations about projects to a minimum Winners are not chosen by the number of "likes" or the amount of times the project is "nominated" - Judges use the thread to find projects worth playing and decide winners based on personal preferences. Please do not nominate your own project. At the end of each year, there's a grace period to ensure that all releases get fair consideration. In other words, everything released from about mid-November 2019 onwards is up for consideration for the 2020 Cacowards.   Happy Dooming!