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Never Trust John Romero

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Or anybody over 30, for those of you unfamiliar with the saying. Mr. John "I Need A Rocking Chair" Romero turned 35 a week ago, and he's posted a list of some other significant October birthdays on Planet Rome.ro. Also, he's posted a picture of the actual Doom chainsaw, along with the dark and disturbing story of how one Mr. Tom "I Want My PAL-18" Hall stole the chainsaw from a former girlfriend.

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* myk puts Insomniac to sleep.

Heh, that DOOM II party sounds like it was cool. Neat stuff about Hexen development too.

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DAm i want that chainsaw !
I don't care if its "eager beaver"
I mean.. it might be a vicious... eager beaver...
or.. Demonic eager beaver..

anyway for being a beaver its a dam evil one

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Dekkion said:

that bit about the chainsaw is old.....get with it mewse

get with what, the chainsaw? no thanks

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Heh, had no idea that the Wraithverge was originally intended to be a more holy-looking golden cross. Live and learn I guess...

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John Romero said:

It was amazing: when you walked in, there was a huge holographic generator that displayed DOOM's monsters (you could walk through them and it was weird)

Back up now, you bastard imps, or you gonna feel tha power of my pet super shotgun!!!

Now, back to reality: woooooooooooow!!! I wish I were there! Cool party!

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