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The "Doom 3 Leak" Saga

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Part 1...

Because this one frame took me a fair time, and I, like an idiot, didin't save the original layered PSP file to base the next few frames off, I'm gonna release it a frame at a time.

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Um, a bit of explanation would do nicely to us ignorant/dumb people who can't make out all the elements - who's that guy/thing/whatever hiding under the clothes that says that Xian will eat him?

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Time for a change of plans. I've decided to release it as a fanfic, with a picture up the top of each chapter.

"I'm almost scared to ask..." mumbled Sadistic Davidson as he wandered into the local laundromat, seeing his roommate crumpled on the floor, weeping for the mercy of his god Cthulu. Sadistic pulled Jay out of a bundle of rags in the corner, and stared at him, bluntly, clearly getting his question across without asking.

Sadistic was an average-built man with a thin black haircut, red sweater, blue jeans and brown shoes. Despite this strange, non-threatening look, Sadistic was baaad news. He definately lived up to his name.

Jay Thomson was Sadistic's roommate, and quite different to his roomy. Jay was a skinny little geek with spectacles, light-brown gelled hair slicked forwards, and no dress-sence. He was completely useless in a fight, but if you wanted something hacked, he was your man.

"I... I downloaded the Doom 3 Alpha!" confessed Jay, on the verge of tears. Sadistic, almost amused, let go of Jay's collar. The smaller man crashed to the ground, grunting on impact. "What's that got to do with anything?" snorted Sadistic, arrogantly. Jay squinted through his glasses, and said quietly, in a completely serious tone, "The id army are after me."

Sadistic burst out laughing. He howled in delight for a minute or so, slapping his thighs, rolling on the floor, and showing all possible signs of great amusement. "Come on, ya friggin' pansy" chuckled Sadistic, "Let's get you ho--" Sadistic stopped as the laundromat window was torn to shreds by a lead hailstorm from a squad of crack troopers.

People ran screaming. Jay and Sadistic quickly packed themselves into one of the washing machines to hide from the troops. "You have GOT to be shittin' me." Sadistic hissed under his breath, as a soldier wandered around, clearly looking for Jay. The man stopped in front of their machine, and bent down to peek in. The glass was too fogged up to indentify the man's features, but you could still see the triumphant grin on his face. He stood up, and set the machine to "Full Wash" and sat back to watch the show.

"Shiiiii-IIIIT!!" Jay screamed as soapy water flooded the small space. Sadistic cried out in rage as his little world began to spin around, and fell forwards, completely unprepared, and smashed his head into the metal walls. He fell unconscious, falling face first into the soapy water. Jay quickly pulled his friend upwards, reasoning that although he may be a merciless killer, he drives the landlords and taxmen away quite nicely. Jay covered up Sadistic's mouth and held his own breath as the machine went into it's final cycle, and the flood reached it's climax.

All went quiet. The machine stopped and the door opened. Jay and Sadistic flopped out, as the sound of soldiers laughing their asses off faded to the sound of guns being hurriedly cocked, and aimed at the duo's heads. Sadistic woke up, to the sight of two double-barreled shotguns aimed at his head, and a voice telling him to stay lying down. "Ahh, thuck" Sadistic mumbled, attempting to talk with a few less teeth, and a mouth full of blood. Jay shot a charming grin at his new captors, hoping for a bit of mercy.

No dice.

The duo, sopping wet and covered in soap suds, faces caked with blood, were picked up and thrown in the back of a van, and driven away, to an unknown fate.


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Interesting, keep it up!

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