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Kool Belzero

how to stop procrastinating and start mapping?

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Even thought i do want to start mapping i don't ever get around to actually start making wads, it doesn't help that i'm impatient and have a short attention span. i'm also to shy/lazy to join stuff like the joy of mapping sessions and similar projects. did any of you guys ever dealt with this and if you did how did you get out of it?

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Maybe you should change the mindset. Tell yourself you don't have to start mapping. Take the obligation away from your mind and you might naturally start mapping again.

Putting pressure on yourself to start mapping is probably taking the opposite effect of what you want. Calling yourself lazy is probably not helping either.

Also for projects you might have to build confidence first (by just making your own personal projects/maps/etc) before trying to delve into them. You might get discouraged before even trying if you don't build confidence first.

Or maybe this advice doesn't really work for you, which is a possiblity... if that's the case, then I wish you good luck on your endeavors.

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Mapping is an artistic experience, so it needs concentration and patience for the creativity to bloom. Sometimes, if you try to force yoursel to do it, it becomes a painful experience, indeed. If you want to map but doesn't feel in the mood to do it, or if you do but you are not enjoying it and having fun, maybe you should play more and relax. When your mind reunite all the things it need to create the map it desire, you will start fmapping in pure joy.
As i writer, i struggle with what is called writer's block, and its a more a matter of approach than of intention to overcome it.
I usually get out of my write desk, had a good time with myself playing different things, made some research about other writers, poets, or songwriters i like, and then, when i finaly forget what i was struggling about, i feel the urge to write and that when i get over the writer's block.
For mappers might be something similar as a creative endeavor.
So take my advice: relax and have fun, this is a hobby after all, if you are not enjoying it, take it easy and try in another time.

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For me, nothing gives me more desire to create than seeing other people react positively to stuff ive made in the past. It fills me with such pride and joy that i just have to make some more.


Maybe you can start making some small maps, with only a couple of encounters. Then you can have someone play that small map, and you can then gradually start making something bigger.

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