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How do I make when a specific monster dies, it opens a door?

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So I'm working on a project called The Cave, and I need to make when a specific monster dies it opens a door. I have seen the script but I'm using GZDoom Builder and that script that I saw could set script tags on the monster. But I can't and that means that the script won't know what enemy is need to be killed to open the door.

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What format is your map? It's probably because you're mapping in a format that does not support tagging things. for "Doom in Hexen format" and "UDMF format" you can simply set the action that opens the door in the monster's properties if it's just 1 monster.

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I'm working with Boom, so is there any way I can do it with the Boom Format or I need to convert the map somehow or just start a new one?

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It's not your fault, you are new to mapping.


Do not fall for the hype to start out with the original DOOM format or BOOM format, since those formats are so limited that you cannot accomplish very much from the ordinary. Sure, there some very nice maps made in those formats, but none of those will have features you will find only in more advanced source ports for a better experience. The only reason to map for those limiting engines is universal demo recording and playback.


My recommendation for you is to reset your approach to building maps and start mapping for an advanced port which allows you to do what you are asking for above. But be prepared to also relearn the set of linedef specials, which are different from DOOM mapping.


I only create maps for GZDOOM, so I cannot say anything about Eternity, Edge or others.


GZDoom, an extension of the former ZDoom, is a mapper's game engine. By that I mean, most of the incorporated features are a result by request of the mapping community. Over a span of more than 15 years, and still ongoing, GZDOOM is an engine in development, and still more requests for additions and improvements are coming in.


If you will take up to map for GZDOOM, then start with the latest and greatest, namely the Universal Doom Mapping Format, or UDMF for short. What was possible in the previous mapping format Doom in Hexen Format, or DiHF for short, will be even easier. 


Best of luck in whatever you decide to use for creating your maps.



In answers to your original question I made a short videoclip

The map was created with GZDoom Builder - Bugfix r3104 in GZDoom UDMF.


You simply attach the action special to the monster (a demon in this case) and make sure that the sector id matches the door sector id.

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The way to make a door open when a specific monster is killed in Boom is quite complex and requires the monster not to move too much. Basically, you need to put the monster in a cell that has just the same height as the monster, not one unit more. Then you must have a voodoo doll conveyor belt (with a pusher or a puller) where the voodoo doll is slightly too low to actually climb on the conveyor belt. Merge the monster cell sector and voodoo doll sector, so they move together. Put a line effect that raises this sector by a low amount, just enough to allow the doll to climb. Then when the player triggers that line, the sector attempts to move up but is blocked by the monster. Once the monster is dead, the sector can complete its movement, the doll then is raised and can climb up, where it can trigger a line opening the door. There are other possible ways to do it, but they also involve harsh constraints.


This is excessively complex for a beginner IMO. The advice to start with the basics is to start with simple things, and this kind of scripted effect is beyond what the basics allow.

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