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Slopes vs. Hellhole (Beer in the brain!)

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I just got back from a 2-week party and now its time to recuperate and doom editing is just the thing to get the brain waves flowing again, but when I got home, I could not remember where I left off, so I went ahead and started to learn about making slopes. I went to zdoom.com and I cannot figure the damn thing out. Can anyone tell me in plain English how to accomplish this? (I don’t understand most of the zdoom terminology yet.) I am using DeePsea, Zdoom and ultimate doom.

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Impish just posted the link to it on another thread.

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I don't remember, I downloaded it from that thread yesterday. I'd have to search for it as much as you. Look among the recent posts, one about zdoom 2.0 I think. Source Ports section maybe?

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