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Is Kurt Kesler ok?

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Ok, so this might seem a bit odd. But I am seriously curious. I was looking for him on DW and noticed that he made a reappearance in 2018 and then disappeared again suddenly without finishing the project he was working on. Then I went to facebook to see if heĀ  was active there, and I found two Kurt Keslers. One being definitely not him and the other one being diseased somewhere after 2017. This Kurt Kesler had an obvious interest in Motorcycles. I don't recall if Kurt was into MCs. But he was into engines, and I recall he telling me about drilling his own engine blocks. So I am curious if anyone still got contact with him and can tell me if he's still alive.

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Ok. I think this could be discarded after all. I made additional searches for Kurt Kesler, and found out the person I found had died in 2017 and that was about a year before KDoom left DW last time.

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