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Making the Dark Soldier's death more violent

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note: Recently, the PR's been merged into the freedoom master, so this thread doesn't need any discussion anymore.


I think that the death animation for the dark soldier should have more gore. It's not just bone, so it would make sense for there to be more blood. While i'm not in a position to work on it right now, I'll try to whip up some sprites when I get home.



  • The lazy route: the dark soldier simply falls over with some blood
  • The less lazy route: the dark soldier falls over with one of their hands and their head being blasted off
  • The complex route: as the dark soldier falls, the thing on his torso explodes, turning his torso generally in to a mess (his head explodes, his arms fall off, guts fly, good fun)
Edited by Tartlman

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On 12/17/2019 at 11:10 PM, Tartlman said:

Here's two sprites that i did.


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Good one, pal!
This really improves the somewhat cold  and simple death of this sprite.
Try to subbmit this to the GitRepository

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1 hour ago, RonLivingston said:

The dark soldier should also be tall as the Revenant

Revenants are actually shorter stats-wise than their sprite would imply, so I don't think it's that much of a problem if the Freedoom replacement is shorter.

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There are some (G)ZDoom mods that go out of their way to rescale the revenant, but now that GZDoom can easily tell whether Freedoom or Doom is being used the modder can adapt accordingly.

As for feedback: the *entire limb getting severed* like that seems a bit much. Like, not being squeamish or whatever, it just seems implausible that whatever the killing blow is would be *both* blowing a huge hole in the target's head *and* cutting its hand off.

Best to let the red be a little vertically lopsided and just do the brains getting blown out.

Would it be possible while you're at it maybe to fix the perspective a bit? The dark soldier's falling animation always seems like its sprite is being squished without any actual 3D rotation of the figure.

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I think i'll keep the entire limb getting severed. I mean, the archvile has a similarly gory death. As for perspective... i don't think i'm good enough at spriting for that. I might try to make a hole in its chest appear too, so that the hand falling off looks less... just a random thing.


Also, the only reason I haven't made a PR yet is that I can't actually install the github client to make a PR, for reasons. It would be helpful if someone did that for me.

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I've updated the sprites a bit so if you want to make a PR, wait until tonight where i can have a new wad uploaded to this thread.

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