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Finally Started My Top 10 WADs Series

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I apologize for the massive 11 month silence since I made my trailer video for my YouTube channel. I had so many things going on this year with a full time job, college classes and more. This has always been an idea of mine for a very long time. I finally have a video format that I am satisfied with and would love to delve into this passion project. I plan on going through the Top 10 WADs of each year, starting with 1994, and play through their maps. It will be a very ambitious project, but certainly one that I hope to tackle throughout the course of the 2020s. A whole decade is ahead of us; my ultimate goal is to create content for those that enjoy it and hopefully enlighten those who are unaware of it. This channel's mission is to serve as a custom map archive of Doom and other classic games. Any and all feedback is massively appreciated. I will do my best to improve the series as time goes on. Thank you and let's get to exploring Doom together.


The beginning minute reiterates what I typed above for those who don't see this post. Please skip it if you don't want to listen.



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