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Tiny Tiny Temple (a 640x640 wad)

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I've always had a soft spot for those confinement wads that make the best of a restricted play space, so inspired by that and also by having played one of the new Tomb Raider games recently, I humbly present Tiny Tiny Temple, a 640x640 confinement map.


I tried to put in some of those things you find in ancient temples: traps, lava pits, spikes and the like. Hopefully they're annoying but not too annoying (spikeroom especially). It's reasonably tricky, so you might die a few times. I have. Good luck!



You, Lara Doomguy, or Doom Laraguy, are trapped in a tiny temple and should probably escape before things get weird.



Tiny Tiny Temple



  • Doom 2, in the vanilla style
  • Just the one level, MAP01
  • Music is the very appropriate Aztec Gods by Jimmy, from Reverie. Thanks!
  • Tested in GzDoom 4.2.1 because I'm lazy. (What's best to test vanilla-y stuff in? ChocolateDoom? Crispy?)
  • No jumping, crouching, freelook etc. You can if you want, but it probably won't get you anywhere.
  • No difficulties implemented.


Any feedback / comments etc very much appreciated!






Edited by BobbyZoolhead : typosaurus rex

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I thought that was pretty cool. I did cheat and noclip past that tiny bit of platforming near the end but that's just cause I'm bad at doom platforming. The door to the blue key is a neat little touch, left me bamboozled for a moment. 

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This was fun! Great use of space, nice attention to detail, and a clean, consistent visual style. I had a bitch of a time with the HK / Crusher setup (and may or may not have rocketed myself in the face 4 or 5 times stubbornly trying to make it work), but otherwise this wasn't too bad. I think the only nitpick I have is with the platforming death pit near the end -- it fits the whole concept of the map, but I would definitely make it a Damage -10 or 20% Health sector, just so players can get their ill-fate over with quicker and try again.

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The berserk pack (along with some other items) can be unwittingly attained, long before you're meant to, by brushing against its opposing wall. With the berserk, that is undesirable; the late health boost is important. 

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21 hours ago, BobbyZoolhead said:

(What's best to test vanilla-y stuff in? ChocolateDoom? Crispy?)

I'm assuming you made your map on Doom 2 format but not with vanilla limitations in mind (visplane overflows, tutti-fruttis, HOMs, etc). In this case, Crispy-Doom is the best choice and you can call your map "limit-removing".

If you want to see if your map is vanilla-compatible you can test it on Chocolate Doom, but the best option is first see it through the Visplane Explorer plugin. You can also use the Chocorenderlimits if you want (both options can help you with this).

Edited by Noiser

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That was great :) Amazing use of such a tiny space, for being able to cram so many different-feeling little challenges into it.

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I did check out the compatibility. It won't load in Chocolate until you delete linedef 162. Then it's mostly okay but there's one spot with drawseg overflow and indeed a spot with reliable visplane overflow. I reckon making the central room slightly less detailed would do the trick, if you wanted. As of now, it's limit-removing.

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Music doesn't play on the latest version, you forgot to define it on the mapinfo, which only contains the name of the map.

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