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What are your objectives for 2020? (Doom Edition)

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fuck it I'm gon speedrun 2020 on nightmare difficulty jk


- revive my etomana project with different backstory and not releasing it until I done all 9 maps


- eat healty


- stay off coffee and take a break when I need it


point 2 and 3 is crucial for point 1 so that's why I include it

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2 hours ago, Doomkid said:

I need to get saltier and curse even more!


"I certainly hope you know what you're doing" :p.


No but seriously, you really shouldn't, especially if you happen to have anger issues like I do, there's a chance you won't be able to fix it if it only gets worse.

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- Start working on a megawad project, and try to complete it before the end of the decade

- Make my own texture set

- Improve my drawing skills (this doesn't have as much to with doom, but it could help for a lot of stuff doom wise)

- Participate in various community projects, (Mapwich 2 will be the first ill participate in)

- maybe make a short episode long Total Conversion that I may or may decide to make larger or not depending on how it goes

- maybe get into doom deathmatch more sometime and even make my own deathmatch pack

- make a random HQ/Hangout style map for fun

- compose a decent midi, ive never composed midis before so it will be interesting

- Get a better computer (my computer can obviously run doom and even gzdoom fine but its getting old and I do want to get a new computer)

- play through tons of wads and megawads

- fail and succeed at a lot of things

- probably more stuff i can't think of atm

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Do more work on Misjudged Massacre, it's a pain how I just tossed it aside. 

Upload all the Eagle Sessions onto idgames. 

Lead the Ironman League well. 


That's about it. 

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Return to Hadron E3 (This isn’t far from finished now)

Steer UDINO towards completion

Spend more time doing doom related stuff, whether playing wads or doing more Ironman/doom world megawad club stuff. I have been very busy this year with work/other life stuff as well as writing a novel for the first time that is approaching a finished first draft state. Let’s see how things pan out...

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Few unfinished D2All TAS runs in my backyard for months which I will hopefully try to finish in 2020. I am also aiming to do some undone IL challenges (No-chance NM run for example) if I ever find time :)

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1.Finish my personal project, fix all bugs and release to public.

2. Start new personal project for other Doom engine.

3.Contribute couple of maps for community projects.

4. Play maps during breaks. 

5. Maybe host community project...

Non doom related objectives:
1. Finish second semester without academic debts. 

2. Stay alive and healthy.

3. Increase happiness in life. 

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Finally realease something that can be a possible runner up on cacowards.


Most of projects are flash in the pan type of thing , Abysm being one of them, had my fingers crossed Abysm was good enough.

Maybe next year is my year.

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- Release a set of RJ maps


- Make some maps designed around nightmare difficulty and its unique "traits"


- Record a max for one of ancalagon's maps in NoYe


- Maybe also record a demo for all 20 maps of RJ_SLABv4


...That's about it, I guess

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30 minutes ago, Nine Inch Heels said:

- Release a set of RJ maps

A set of Rian Johnson maps?


Anyway, my goals are:

  • To finish and release my WIP Reboot wad
  • Do more genealogy
  • Review more movies
  • Take over Doomworld. I mean, eat less snacks. Yes, less snacks. That's what I said!

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Oh...well....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell........ WARNING. CONTAINS SPOILERS (lolwut?!).


1) Finish the Penthouse map for GZDoom (yeah, dat Duke Nukem XXX map)

2) Make the whole Fusion of Realities based on GZDoom (instead of 64EX)

3) Finish the Ultimate Linear Doom (& Linear SIGIL?!) + Create the Linear Doom 2

4) Finish the April jokewads - MOOD (too easy, huh? Wait, already created?) and DOOR (what the heck is this WAD?!)

5) Make the "Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza" based on Hideous Destructor mod (looks like this todo list is really crazy)

6) Finish the ZBlood project which turns most IWADs into Blood. Yeah, I've kinda finished Doom IWADS, but I always wanted to mix it with Hexen (don't ask me why, I'm really an insane person)

7) Finish the "A-ha Take on Me" mod a.k.a. Sketch Doom (wtf?)

8) Start doing the Reimagination/Remake of the "Hovertank 3D" which I'm planning since ~2014

9) Start doing the Pogostick-based TC which I'm plaaning since ~2010 (oh...)

10) Find someone who will help with music for this mod.


And...I'm not joking. Having too much mods in my "to do list" are never a problem for me. I'm not doing all mods at the same time. At least I'm trying to keep this work concept. Anyway, only time will tell which mods will be finished in 2020 from this "to do list".

Edited by Deⓧiaz

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I am currently starting on a Doom II episode using OTEX and resources from Eriguns as a base, and composing background music for the maps (mostly original compositions but with some nods to the original Doom music), which will probably take me several years to fully complete, but I am planning to release it episodically.  My objective for 2020 is to release the first five maps of the project and to get some of my music tracks out there on Soundcloud and YouTube.

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1. draw a linedef

2. try not to burst into tears immediately after drawing a linedef

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This sounds too much like new year resolutions. Anyway, what I plan to do next, DOOM-wise, most important first:

  • Finish my macOS UDMF capable editor. I need it to be able to make maps for Eternity! 
  • Try to get in the habit of designing levels daily. I may not know what fun I'm missing.
  • Finish long waited Eternity features like slopes or Heretic. 


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Just now, printz said:
  • Heretic. 




Hexen or I'm starting a riot boss :p . Requests would be cool too, you're going to have fun with mine anyway. Glad to see you're planning on making custom content for Eternity as well, it really needs more attention.

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8 hours ago, Nine Inch Heels said:

- Make some maps designed around nightmare difficulty and its unique "traits"


This idea has always intrigued me... I'm excited to see what you might come up with.

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-Complete two standalone Wayfarer's Tome/Heretic maps.
-Get at least enough sprites and textures done to complete those two maps (but hopefully more, because I'll need them in the future and I'm trying not to let resource creation hold me back too much; if possible, maybe find a collaborator who's good at pixel art).
-Learn how to do light 3D architecture for detailing purposes.
-Get through all Not the Cacowards reviews for the 2019 season, and finish /newstuff reposts and a few other stray things for 2016-2018; if possible, get started on pre-2016 history.
-Restrain myself from writing anything big about Doom that isn't part of my normal rotation.

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-Hopefully get better at making maps and releasing a small wad.

-Replace all the bad levels in Freedoom, both Phases 1 and 2.

-play more gameplay mods other than D4T and brutal doom.

-learn how to map in Boom and UDMF.

-play Strife

(non doom related) get some money to get a better computer :(

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I had a list in 2019 that was hopelessly optimistic but I feel pretty good about where I ended up exploring in 2019 if not actually visiting 2019 itself apart from, inevitably, Si6il (since I wanted to be timely).  Hopefully by the end of 2020 I will have played


-every work from every contributor to the original Community Chest (of course, moving on to CCHEST2)

-every work the authors whose releases were selected for Doomworld's Top 10 WADs of 2002 (of course, moving on to 2003)

-most of the rest of the 2017 Cacowards and runners-up (of course, moving on to 2018)

-finished looking at another early- '00s clique with the Abhirams and Brad Spencer as a segue back to Chris Hansen and, of course, Paul Corfiatis

-maybe, just maybe, have Memfis's 2013 works reviewed

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Finish Doom 3 and Doom 64, and MAYBE Doom 2016. I finished Perdition's Gate recently, so thats almost all official/commercial content done.


I can also add Heretic, Hexen, Strife and Hacx to the list, but come on now, I have never managed to beat any of these, what are the chances I'll beat them THIS year?

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