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What are your objectives for 2020? (Doom Edition)

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As a player:


Complete Sunder (I've beaten 11 of 20 maps), preferably UV-Max.

Replay Sunlust on UV

Finally play BTSX


As a mapper:


Make more maps that I'm happy with.


On a personal level:


Run a marathon, bench at least or more than my body weight, and get my deadlifts to double my body weight.

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  • ITYTD; draw and finish more sprite sets and textures.
  • HNTR; code and make sprites from scratch for a custom weapon.
  • HMP; make a vanilla compatible 15 map wad for Doom II.
  • UV; make a "high quality" limit removing megawad with no filler maps, and no dead simple clone.
  • NIGHTMARE!; Win a Cacoward.
  • Realistic; draw a square room and try to not stare at in despair and regret for more than an hour.

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Biggest thing is try to publish as many (finished) Doom wads to The Public, i have quite a bit which were never released/deleted out of fear of rejection, So my main goal is to not hold back and just put them out there.


(also finish the 30+ unfinished projects i have)

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Personally, i'd like to make my way through the classic megawads. And maybe actually finish Alien Vendetta.

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-Finish Maps 13 to 19 on my Megawad. More if possible

-Play more Doom on my YouTube Channel.

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1 hour ago, A2Rob said:

Start a Megawad >:]

oh, that's easy: "doom.exe -file mega.wad"!





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Start making my way through what seem to be the essential megawads... scythe, alien vendetta, ancient aliens and BTSX are my main goals. Bonuses would be hell revealed and eviternity


I'll save sunlust for next year

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My objective is to play and complete all the doom games readily available for me, even both versions of Doom 3 (Xbox version and i think the BFG Edition on PS4). And possibly not cry like a bitch doing Doom 2K16 on Ultra- Nightmare.

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