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What Is The Quake Equivalent Of A Megawad?

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I'm just a bit curious about this... In the Quake modding community, what is their equivalent of our 32 map megawad?

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5 minutes ago, MFG38 said:

Arcane Dimensions.

I have heard about that mod before, but it is more like a huge map compilation where levels aren't made to be played one after the other, isn't it?


EDIT: Just to clarify, when I said megawads, I was refering to our standard 32 map megawads, where levels are supposed to be played one after the other, not something like the Doomworld Mega Projects.

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I'd like to know as well.  No one seems to make episodes and trying to find them on Quaddicted is impossible.  You should give Arcane Dimensions a try, though.  You'll need Quoth to play it.  And if you don't like weapon projectiles you can type impulse 130 in console to turn it off.  It's a great set of maps.  There's a hub to enter the maps so each one is like a minisode.  Some longer than others.


Underdark Overbright is another good one and an actual episode but not very long.  You'll need Copper for it.

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