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Fixing Doomguy's portrait in 32X

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Hi. Lately I've been working on my first Doom mod, but I also got sidetracked into looking at Doom for the 32X and its modding possibilities. The 32X version was my first Doom experience though it didn't take long for me to get the PC version. Nonetheless, by "looking at" the game I mean "going over issues found in the game", and working out what can be fixed.


So far I've fixed several misaligned textures, reworked some enemy positions and level features that on conversion, prevented players from getting 100% kills and/or secrets with a combo of Saxman's WAD converter, Slade 3 and Doom Builder. I'm still plugging away at it and have started browsing wikis to see more problems that can be corrected.


One of the main issues, and one I can't quite get at, is the Doomguy's portrait flipping. The only topic I found on the matter was Saxman's own topic on his converter, and some posts about debugging made by @Coraline on that topic. I've tried my best over the past weeks to track and find what and how the game is doing this with Bizhawk, but I'm terrible at reading code and instructions - I only found it in V/RAM thanks to the emulator showing code changes in realtime. But I haven't been able to trace it back to ROM addresses, so the whole process has been a bit pointless and frustrating.


Has anyone ever found out how to fix this issue, or maintained some sort of ongoing debugging page with relevant offsets? Thanks in advance.

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