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Best way to play Duke3d on a phone? anyone tried Magic Dosbox?

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I love the Delta Touch controls, nothing comes close and it's actually playable on my Samsung S7, however, this is only for Doom. What can be done with Duke3d? Discard total conversions for Doom which suck compared to the build engine, what options are there?


The guy from Magic Dosbox was developing a way to strafe + fire while you turn at the same time similar to Delta Touch. Did anyone try it to see how it feels?




I think you need the paid version to be able to have those custom controls.

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52 minutes ago, qweqioweuo123 said:


You do not have to bump your topic for no reason. Edit your first post first if you want to add something :)

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Acting like this is a pretty great way to ensure that no one will want to answer your questions in the future, just for the record.


I sincerely doubt that anyone active here knows much about this, and every answer mentioned is probably from Google, combined with a large portion of the active user base on the forum not being avid mobile players, so I don't know what to say.

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7 hours ago, qweqioweuo123 said:



Yes bumping your post with a comment like that will surely work well.

Did you Google it? Did you ask on a Duke forum?

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@Murdoch That was my suggestion, but I held off on posting.


Try https://boards.3drealms.com/



If you're looking for help with Duke, try Duke Nukem forums. This is a Doom forum first and foremost, but you can find plenty of help with old and new games. But obviously nobody here has the answer to your question; if they did, you would've gotten a response. 

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