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Progress on ConsoleDoom

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I've been quiet for a while, so I guess it would be the best time to say something on the progress of my projects.

On console doom, it will be compatible for all ports except Legacy, Jdoom, and Vanilla Doom. Pretty much anything that supports the extended boom triggers and 100% Dehacked compatible. I didn't include Legacy because it does not support Dehacked all the way. But Hurdler is working on it...don't know when he'll update the port, but when its updated, it'll be compatible with ConsoleDoom.

Anyways, consoledoom will feature pretty much all of the psx huds, sounds, and exclusive levels, all of them will function exactly the same why as psx version. I'll also include the oringinal maps thats been chopped up, modified etc, like Halls of the Damned, Spawning Vats, and Containment Area.

I am also going to include 5 Doom64 maps. 4 of them will contain new textures, but no new sprites. These maps include are Staging Area, Final Outpost, Watch Your Step, and Blood Keep. Lutarez has submitted Tech Center to the project as well but will contain the oringinal Doom 2 textures.

Club Doom is defintely included as well as two new maps made by the same guy who made jaguar doom.

for the heck of it I took a shot of Staging Area (Map02 of Console Doom) with the old Doom64 weapon/sprite wad I found http://www.newdoom.com/hosted/kaiser/other/doom641.jpg

Now for the Doom 64 TC. So far, only Elbryan42, Xdoom and me who are active on this project, while Xdoom is still working on the port, we are still working on the new sprites, I gathered all textures and still working on the palette, and Elbryan is still handling the enemy and weapon sprites. Just wanted to say that this tc is still alive, but going pretty slow due to lack of help from the other members. Only 3 of us is working on it so far I don't know if the other members are busy etc.

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