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Free GBA system?

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Question before I click submit...

Do I put in the map number for the pc or the gba doom 2 level? Since the levels are offset by the split stages, my answers could be totally wrong.

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bigbadgangsta said:

On the forums?

Well, I should have stated this in my earlier post, but knowing me, im to incompetent to on the first one, perhaps its the spam talking but, meh... My idea of Lately is probably different than yours, for seeing people-wise...my lately is 2-3 weeks...so ya, sorry about that. And yes, it was on the forums, on the 25 of Oct i believe.

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In any case, Picklehammer was banned by me for posting links to ROMS all over the place. The last straw was when he made a new thread with the URL to a ROM and said something like "waits to be banned" and let me tell you, he didn't have to wait long.

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