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The Ruins' Awakening - 9 speedmaps for Plutonia [/idgames]

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A lot of fun on maps 15,16 and 18 for me!


About map 20:


Stuck searching for a sw for 30mins for the red skull.


Maybe changing thing 320 on sector 36 with something more chamative may catch the player attention.




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4 hours ago, NoisyVelvet said:



It was very entertaining watching your fdas for each map, great job !


4 hours ago, xor29ah said:

A lot of fun on maps 15,16 and 18 for me!


I'm glad you enjoyed these maps. I think map15 has the strongest gameplay, and I like the tedious situations I made in map18.

I will see if I make changes for map20, thanks for your remark.

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