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Universal Entropy - The Universal Randomizer for GZDoom

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Universal Entropy is the universal randomization mod. This mod requires GZDoom version 4.2.4 or newer.

* Works with ANY IWAD and mod!
* Randomizes the monsters to make dwarf, giant, slim and fat varieties. There are no presets, so each individual is unique. The changes go beyond their appearance and affect their hitpoints, damage, voice pitch, overall speed , pain-lock chance, knockback amount, melee range and velocity & size of their missiles.
* Generates practically infinite color & size variations of monsters and decorative objects
* Resizes and randomizes amounts in ammo boxes, health kits and armour/shield pickups
* Monsters don't shoot their missiles dead straight any more
* Random horizontal flipping of monster bodies
* A mod options menu offering plenty of customization.




Video showcase of OLD version 1.0

DOWNLOAD version 3.666b FINAL: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mnprry4nxpbddsq/UniversalEntropy.pk3/file

more details on the Zdoom forums thread: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=66778

Edited by bLUEbYTE : reorder content

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The mod is now at version 3.66 and has seen a lot of enhancements and refinements.
Download link on first post.

Full change log:

Switch default settings for randomisation chances to always
Use rounding in tick duration value, resulting in more accurate speed scaling

    Decorative objecs such as explosive barrels get effect sounds pitch-shifted based on size
    Fix a bug where the player character gets randomised
    Decorative objects can be resized and/or recoloured
    Randomisation chance can be controlled for ammo packs, health kits and armour
    Reorganised and streamlined settings menu
    More comprehensive checking for friendly actors to exclude
    Print title and version on the console on map load
    New option: Resizing Bias to control how big or small the resized monsters become overall
    Remove options to disable speed & damage scaling; they would only make the game unbalanced
    Recoloring blend types are now named
    Add (default) in description text for named options' default values
    Fix the excessive speedup/slowdown of monsters
    Don't flip BossBrain on death
    A couple of other minor bugfixes
    Monster animations are now slowed down or sped up based on speed (thanks TXTX)
    Monster resizing frequency option rather than toggle
    Monster weapon firing sound is now also affected by size
    Speed and damage alteration can now be toggled (default ON)
    Renamed descriptions for a few menu options
    Make monster recolorization chance adjustable
    minor code refactoring and EoL conversion
    Add an option to disable randomization for the friendly (thanks BradmanX)
    Monsters now have their reaction time adjusted based on their size; small means quick.
    Change recolorisation blend type 2 and make it a 3-way average; looks better now.
    Convert random values from (float) to (double)
    You can now choose from 3 color blending types for monster color randomization:
        0 : somewhat reminiscent of original colors (default)
        1 : colors will have more variety, original colors will be replaced
        2 : pale and cartoony
    Fix deprecation warnings
    Random recolouring of monsters in practically infinite colour combinations!
    Monster size now affects their melee range, float speed and how much they can be pushed around or knocked back.
    Monster damage, speed and painlock chance are affected less by their size.
    Revert the default randomisation range to a saner value of 0.25, and the maximum to 0.50.

    Scaling ratio preservation(ue_rp): Control how out of proportion monsters can get.
        0.0 is the old behaviour i.e. plenty of midgets and tall freaks spawn.
        0.2 is the default.
        1.0 means the monster aspect ratio is fully preserved.
    Randomisation setting now defults to 0.3 from 0.2. Maximum is now 0.66.
    Monster missile size and speed now depends on shooter's

    Monster missile accuracy randomization
    Add randomisation to ammo, health and armour pickups
    Add a menu to set mod options:
        - Randomisation amount can be set from 0.05 to 0.5
        - Randomisation can be turned on/off for each type
    Under the hood:
        - Use rounding for numerical values to ensure randomness doesn't get affected by rounding bias
        - Randomisation code optimised into a single EventHandler

    Integrate m8f's death-flip to flip corpses randomly
    Randomisation range now controlled via CVAR ue_rr
    Tone down randomisation range a bit, from 0.3 to 0.2
    Zscript code reorg. with subfolders and multiple script files

    Initial version with monster randomisation only


Edited by bLUEbYTE : update changelog

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14 hours ago, RetMenTos said:

I used this with Vandomizer and had a !FUN! time. Thank you.


Hehe, that's nice to hear :)
I had never heard of vandomizer, just found it on Github. Seems to do replacements within 'tiers', so indeed it should combine nicely with my mod. Will have to give it a try sometime with it thrown into the mix!


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It was fun to watch my mod being experienced by someone else other than me for the first time xD
Just to clarify - the rapid fire zombie and other player weapon changes in the video were from the map itself and not the mod. Looking forward to more in the future! It works with Heretic, Hexen and all other IWADs too.

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I recently released the finished & polished & final version of the mod. Also added a showcase video and some screenshots to the first post.

Hope you enjoy it =)

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