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Memento Mori How To Obtain Secret

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Sorry for asking my question number 74574236572645723647 about MM1... I swear I'm not doing this on purpose to annoy anyone, and this time I did search everywhere looking for an answer, but I just couldn't find anything... This time, I just want to know the trick to get that last secret on MAP 16, Stoned. I have seen videos of people doing it before, but I doesn't matter how much I try, I still fail... If no one minds it, can someone please explain how to pull it off?


EDIT: WAIT! I think I might have found something... It says that I can't activate a switch on a previous secret. Going through the map again to see if its true...


EDIT 2: YEEEEEEEEEEES it was precisely that! Now I can 100% the level at last!

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