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Analog texture-adding

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Can anybody tell me about the tags or anything relevent to manually jamming textures into a wad without replacing others? If anyone understands what i'm saying and knows how to help, plz reply! I'm on a mac and have a program that can physically shove textures into a wad, but unless i replace other ones, it won't register with my editor.

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You need to insert new patches (the bits of graphics textures are made off) between a PP_START and a PP_END entry. (See here for more of this). Now that you have the new patches you need to combine these into an actual texture, which is done by adding the name of the patch entry to the extracted PNAMES lump (naturally, under the 'patches' listing) and by adding the actual texture name with its patch(es) and offsets of those patch(es) to the extracted TEXTURE1 lump. Then you build a new PNAMES/TEXTURE1 lump and insert that (along with your PP_START + patches + PP_END) in your PWAD.

I could tell you exactly how to do all that, but you're using a Mac... no idea how that is done there. I guess actually adding patches to a WAD is not a problem for you, but you would also need to be able to extract the PNAMES/TEXTURE1 lump from Doom(2); be able to edit those lumps (ASCII); and the recompile them into lumps.

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