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Decade - 2019 upated version

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So I updated an very old map of mine, stuck it on my website and forgot to tell anyone. So there you go, it's 6 months after the fact, but it's available if anyone cares to try it.


It's a large single player level for GZDoom. I have retexured some areas, added dynamic lights and brightmaps and replaced the old dehacked file with decorate stuff.


I got a bit carried away with Decorate (it's the first time i've ever looked at it) and ended up giving this level an alternative 'chicken themed' game mode called Clucking Hell. If you try this there's a few things I forgot to mention in the text file. This mode has a custom HUD that only supports the standard full screen GZDoom hud (sorry it doesn't support the classc status bar or GZDoom's alternative HUD). Because of my complete noobniss at decorate, the %kills in this mode will be a bit screwed up. And yes, I know I spelt 'Epilepsy' wrong in the game menu. Here's a screen shot from this mode.




Download it here..




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