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little egg

dating the demons

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Can't, they are all in relationships. Penny the Pain Elemental is dating Hissy the Cacodemon.

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34 minutes ago, reflex17 said:

I once had a thing going on with Archvile, it was kinda hot, but they kept bringing up their exes and it felt like I was always getting bounced around. 


You, sir, have just won the internet.

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1 hour ago, Marcaek said:

i want the spiderdemon to step on me

and now comes the age old question: would you rather have one spiderdemon step on you or 6 arachnotrons step on you

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Pain elemental. Cause it has the ability to spawn a variable influx of minions (Lost Souls), consequently giving you a substantial level of opportunities to exploit for many things.

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50 minutes ago, obake said:


That's substance20's art, AKA @S20_TBL on twitter


45 minutes ago, Murdoch said:

A more pertinent question is how badly chemically impaired were you when you made this post?

Just let a man dream for once

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I thought this thread would be about mapping the chronological order of creation of each demon type during Doom's development. Some didn't appear until late alphas, so those seem like safe...


Oh. I was wrong.




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3 hours ago, Mystic 256 said:

Hell Knights, Baron Of Hells, or Cyberdemons , because they look kinda like a anthropromophic goats and i'm a furry


....my answer as well

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On 12/31/2019 at 5:11 PM, Lila Feuer said:

Cause if you have a death fetish you can just keep coming back? 😛


No, because if it goes wrong I can finally be gone for good.

Edited by seed

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