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Notable 2019 demos

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First of all, IMO 2019 was the best year for speedrunning since I was involved. We have some all, long standing records broken, undone tasks being done, including full runs of Icarus and Eternal, many, many new players becoming active, old players returning. Also, this beat your own demos month contest :)


The demo which makes me wonder what I'm doing here, makes me quit and cry is MAP26 Max for Scythe2 by Aquasa. Strangely, not in DSDA archive... Before that demo appeared I would go for Plut's skepland MAP02 Max. Criticised by Plut himself, but to pull off something this long this fast and aggressively, hats off.


TAS NM Speed for Doom2 by Zero-Master. I'm horrified by new void glides, but maps 27,29,30 I enjoyed so much!! Also, the commentary and all that practical approach which is very inspiring. Zero-Master also beat a few undone IWAD things, let's just mention MAP07 Plutonia pacifist for being non-assisted.


Also a few demos which I certainly will not forget: ELMLE's Eternal MAP30 UV Speed, j4rio's Eternal MAP30 Tyson, Guiddqd's E4M1 NM Speed, Dwaze's E1M7 UV Speed, JonaG Plutonia MAP16 NM Speed, Revved's solving of end2 E3M8.

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I have to agree with vdgg that this was just an amazing year for doom overall, but I'll pick out two in particular.


Mayhem 2018 Map 03 UV Speed by Krankdud (from the pack)

Krankdud doesn't submit a ton of runs for doom, but when he does he doesn't hold anything back. This demo in particular is incredible to watch.


Plutonia Map 01 Pacifist by JC (link)

This is one of the best demos I've ever watched, unbelievable.



The aquasa demo you mentioned is on dsda, but maybe it's under the wrong scythe version.

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Two jaw-dropping maxes were done in the very beginning of 2019:

Slaughterfest 2012 Map 30 UV-Max in 51:29 by Ahmed (aka A7MAD), lots and lots of difficult situations handled masterfully and with sharp sense of what can be pulled off on the edge of survivability. Surprising level of polishness for the map of such scale.

Nochance UV-Max in 24:33 by Ancalagon. 39:59 demo was already crazy. New one is just insane.


And Eternal Doom tysons by j4rio, all of them. Incredible monster control, punching skill, adaptivity and endurance.

Imho they redefined what and how can be done in tyson run.

Yes, very polished tysons were done before, but mostly on small maps, and then some on huge/hard maps, but not with this level of speed, aggressiveness and creativity (except some of j4rio's other tysons).

Hard to pick only one map - probably it is Map 11 in 46:09 with very very tricky pit with cybers.

EDIT Damn. It was done in 2018. Then Map 30 in 1:13:03.


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Thanks for picking an actual good demo from me @rdwpa much appreciated!


My picks are:


J4rio: All the Eternal Tysons. Absolute madman to do the whole wad or some of the wad this year. Big props to him for that accomplishment!


JonaG: Have to be, TNT Map09 pacifist that was the final pacifist IL demo for TNT, big ups to this fellow runner!


Looper: He surprised me (and the community) with a demo that took TNT Map32 UV-Max below 4 minutes, after 550 attempts. Incredible guy!


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I'd just like to note how much I enjoyed the various movie runs by ELMLE and Revved. Not just good execution, but good route and resource planning, since in most cases they were working from scratch.

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4shock's E1M1 in 8 seconds, of course. Not sure why wasn't it mentioned, or was it so obvious that

On 1/1/2020 at 5:59 AM, rdwpa said:

Noye Map01 UV-Speed in 0:00 by 4shockblast

One of the most optimized demos ever recorded. 

was actually a joke about it? :D Or is it saved for 'demos of the decade'? :-D


Very happy to see my AV29 max here.


A bit different kind of 'notable thing' happened in 2019 by Karl Jobst showing light for Doom speedrunning. They are not demos but videos, so maybe a bit offtopic(?).

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I researched lots for another 'list', but I felt like leaving this thread mostly to others. 

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