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ZDaemon 1.10.11 Released - Happy New Year!

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Posted (edited)

ZDaemon 1.10.11 is now available (and will be automatically installed for you by the ZLauncher). You will find several nice fixes, additions and improvements; just check the changelog.


- Random sound Pitch Variations also work in Doom now if enabled.

- Thing added: PatrolSpecial (9047).

- Fix for playback client recorded demos: own player did not show Player Bobbing.

- Implemented armor SavePercent for dehacked.

- Fixed an issue that prevented some users from being able to connect while VSync was disabled on the graphics driver.

- VSync variable added to the client

- and other various fixes and improvements

And if you dont have ZDaemon installed yet, get the 2020-01-01 release: ZDaemon 1.10.11 here!

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