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MAX UV - Karl Jobst vid

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The brilliant Karl Jobst made another good vid analysing and attempting the speedrun of E1M1 in the Ultra Violence max kills and max secrets category.


He’s also doing a competition to win a copy of DOOM: Eternal if you can beat the time he achieved. 

Check it out. Enjoy. 



Just seen that there is already a partial topic about this, don't know how I didn't see it.



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I was wondering how can I get the official recording of my gameplay.

I don't know anything about speedrunning or competitive playing whatsoever so I don't know if you are supposed to play with TAS or if you need to record it elseway.


I think he mentioned some type of file that keeps track of every move you make instead of a recording, or maybe that's from another video, but I guess that's the best way of having a proof of your gameplay, because just recording can let someone use a third party software that makes him do a perfect run. (As far as I know, there have been cases of people cheating in their speedruns that have been caught because of this move tracking/recording file).


Apart from that, yesterday I tried for the first time several times and I think I've got like 0:40 - 0:43 and, man, it's really hard. I didn't know it was that hard. Like Karl said, you gotta have a lot of skills and also A LOT of luck, mostly with the first shotgun guy, praying so that RNG can kill him in at most 3 pistol shots and that the shotgun doesn't fuck up the entire run, and also that the shotgun guy left alive actually searches you instead of keep roaming the room.

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